San Diego Gun Store First in U.S. to Have Active Shooter Simulator

Empowered Firearms in Vista, California is the first gun store in the country to have a firearms simulator "like the police use for weapons training" which is open to the public.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, store owner LeAnne Farmer said, "We are passionate about training people who own a firearm." She believes the simulator "fills a need for people to improve their skills."

Farmer actually has two simulators in her store--one for handguns and one for shotguns. The handgun simulator alone "has more than 450 scenarios." 

Empowered customers "can shoot at stationary targets or choose scenarios like home invasion or active shooter in public setting. They can take on a gang of well-armed marauding thugs in city alleys or fire on attacking zombies," Farmer told the Union-Tribune.

The handgun simulator costs $70 an hour at Empowered Firearms.

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