Rodger, Santa Barbara Killer, Played Lottery Obsessively

Santa Barbara mass murderer Elliot Rodger left a 141-page manifesto in which he revealed a hatred of women--and an obsession with the California State Lottery. Several times throughout the text, the disturbed 22-year-old recalls playing the Mega Millions and Powerball games--and his bitter disappointment when he failed to win.

In one passage, Rodger wrote: "Becoming a multi-millionaire at a young age is what I am meant for...I bought a few Megamillions Lottery tickets and visualized myself being the winner....After failing to win when the jackpot reset because someone else won, I lost all faith...". Later, he recounted: "I believed that it was destiny for me to win the Megamillions Lottery, particularly this very jackpot...but to my profound frustration I didn't win."

On one occasion, he describes secluding himself in his room before emerging to check the lottery result: "This must be it! I was destined to be the winner of the highest jackpot lottery in existence....With my whole body filled with feverish hope, I spent $700 dollars [sic] on lottery tickets for this drawing....I waited three days to check the result....My whole body shivered with horrific agony. I didn't win." (Original emphasis.)

Though much attention has been paid to Rodger's misogyny, and his complaints about not receiving attention from girls, his obsession with the lottery--and his conviction that he was destined to win it--suggest that Rodger suffered from a fundamentally narcissistic disorder, of which his obsession with women was only one part.


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