Apple CEO Comes Out For Corruption, Junk Science, And Crony Capitalism

Apple CEO Tim Cook has warned climate sceptics and similar dangerous radicals that if they don't like his company's green policies they should "get out of the stock!" 

As a big fan of vicious, heartless, red meat capitalism, I salute his brazen honesty. For years, I have been asking myself: "Why am I paying through the nose for kit I might just as well have got at half the price from Samsung, Sony or Nokia?"

And now we have the answer: when you buy a product from Apple you're not just purchasing an overpriced bit of smug, preening, as-used-by-Pajama-Boy-style hardware. You're also making a real commitment to the kind of old-fashioned capitalism you feared they didn't make any more: the kind that says "Screw you, world! All we care about is boosting our bottom line by burnishing our image with the sort of meaningless gestures which go down a treat with our 'sophisticated' bleeding-heart target market."

Every time you buy an iPhone, you're killing a Whooping Crane or a threatened bat species or a Bald Eagle. (Each one sliced and diced, of course, by one of the wind turbines that Apple champions). 

Every time you buy an iPad you're driving an elderly couple into fuel poverty and possibly helping them freeze to death in one of these exceptionally mild winters we're having thanks to global warming.

Every time you buy an iBook, you're doing your bit to give children nightmares, cripple the economy with unnecessary taxes, blight the countryside with wind and solar farms, drive up energy prices, give credence the flawed research of intellectually corrupted activist scientists and enrich greedy corporatist speculators with their snouts in the subsidised "renewable" energy trough.

Of course, the figures aren't exact. But the net result of Apple's ostentatious championing of green causes – 75 percent of its energy needs are now allegedly met by renewables; and it recently hired President Obama's compromised former Environmental Protection Agency head Lisa Jackson to supervise its green strategy – is indisputable. 

By lending its corporate clout to the promulgation of environmentalist myths about the "climate change" peril, renewable energy and sustainability Apple is definitely making a serious contribution to one of the most poisonously misguided causes of the age.

Nice work, Tim!


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