A Minute With Nick Griffin: The BNP Leader Speaks Out on His Party's Faltering Fortunes

Nick Griffin, the Leader of the British National Party, has taken a few moments out of his day to answer some questions for Breitbart London (BL). Not known to hold back, Griffin calls UKIP a “safety valve” and its leader a “snake oil salesman”. Whilst Cameron is the most left-wing Tory leader since Heath.

The British National Party may be getting squeezed but their leader will not go down without a fight.

BL: In your estimation, or according to internal polling, how do see the BNP performing in May’s European Elections?

Griffin: We are finding the best ever response in terms of sympathy and interest as we meet the public while campaigning, but the BBC's relentless promotion of Nigel Farage at present has many people who agree completely with the BNP tempted to hold their noses and vote for the Thatcherite UKIP, in the mistaken belief that it is a good way to kick the political elite. So we won't know until polling day!

BL: Many are remarking that the BNP is no longer the electoral force it used to be. Do you agree, and if so – what is behind this trend?

Griffin: The controlled media's promotion of the UKIP safety valve has undoubtedly eaten into our vote at present, but the issues that led to our electoral rise are all still there, are not being addressed and will lead to another turn in the electoral tide in due course.

BL: What do you think the BNPs largest contribution to the European Parliament has been?

Griffin: The fact that, as an MEP I was able to go to Damascus with the status to work with the Syrian government to write for them the letter that was sent to all British MPs and which helped sway the wafer-thin vote against Cameron's planned war on Syria. 

The European Parliament may not have appreciated my involvement, but it actually showed that even a lowly MEP can make a big difference sometimes.

BL: Given your party’s insistence upon nationalisation and protectionism, do you feel the ‘far right’ label is unfair?

Griffin: Well, it's certainly inaccurate. We are 'right-wing' on some things, such as our stand for the rights of children through our opposition to gay marriage (even though the supposed 'right' in the Tories and UKIP have surrendered to the liberal consensus on that issues) but in things such as our policy of reversing the privatisation looting of our national common wealth, and jailing the elite crooks responsible, we are - as you recognise - on the traditional 'left'. 

Overall, we regard such labels as unhelpful; we are nationalists, so we are motivated by the interests of our people, not by archaic party political label's or dogma.

BL: If you could implement only one of your European Policies which one would it be and why?

Griffin: Getting out of the EU, because nothing else can be done while Brussels makes 85% of our laws anyway.

BL: What is the worst thing you have encountered in Brussels and Strasbourg?

Griffin: The careless abandon with which the political elite there spend taxpayers' money - both on themselves and on extravagant Utopian projects that often do far more harm than good. 

For example, one of the first things I said on the Environmental Committee when I joined in 2009 was that the then policy of encouraging the use of bio-fuels would put the world's poor in direct competition with wealthy car drivers, because land used for growing bio-fuels is taken out of use for growing food. 

My view was derided - until last year, when they suddenly realised that I was right and began to put their massively expensive bio-fuels subsidy regime into reverse.

BL: Will you be running in the 2015 General Election? Have you decided where? And do you expect to win?

Griffin: I will be. Not yet. And no.

BL: What is your opinion of Nigel Farage? And David Cameron?

Griffin: Farage is a snake oil salesman, but a very good one. His supposed anti-immigration stance is all smoke and mirrors, as is his carefully cultivated image as a 'man of the people'. The truth is that UKIP is a pro-immigration party that exists to lobby for the interests of the City of London. 

Cameron is a warmonger and the most left-wing Tory leader since Edward Heath.


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