UK Cabinet Minister Spoke Urdu Throughout Residents Meeting, English Speakers Complain

Britain's first female Muslim Cabinet Minister, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, has come under fire for exclusively speaking in Urdu during a local meeting that was supposed to encourage people to become part of the political process.

Residents in Stourbridge in the West Midlands complained that the minister spoke in Urdu, a language native to Pakistan and India, for the entirety of the meeting. Warsi is the Minister for Faith and Communities, a somewhat spurious position that critics have argued is only hers so that the Prime Minister could claim the 'first Muslim woman in the Cabinet' prize. 

The Stourbridge News reports that 50 residents at Lye's Ghausia Jamia Mosque were in attendance for the speech. Craig Greenwell, a local resident, said he attended to "see what the Conservatives had to say".

"I didn't have a clue what the Baroness was saying, as it was in Urdu. I think it should have been translated into English as well."

The local Tory candidate Azan Mishaq said the speech was due to be translated but that last minute changes were made to the event.

He added: "She is also from the same province in Pakistan as most of the Asian and Muslim community that lives in Lye. She was proud of that and glad to have the opportunity to come and see these people. Her main message was to encourage the community to participate in politics and she also spoke about how the Conservative government has improved the country."

Questions will be raised as to whether it is appropriate for a representative of Her Majesty's Government to be playing identity politics, speaking to residents in a foreign language, and failing to cater to English-language speakers.

Last month Breitbart London exposed the Conservative Party playing identity politics in East London, where much of their campaign literature went out with large pictures of mosques, in various different languages.


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