WATCH: George Galloway MP Tells Cheering Crowd Israel is 'Illegitimate Enterprise'

Firebrand leftist George Galloway MP took to the stage at today's anti-Israel rally in Hyde Park to tell a crowd of tens of thousands that "the entire State of Israel is an illegitimate enterprise".

Galloway, who just last week called for his constituency in Bradford to boycott Israeli products, academics, and even tourists, took his vicious rhetoric to another level today, implying that he believed the Jewish State should no longer exist at all.

He began and ended his speech with the traditional Muslim greeting of 'As-salamu alaykum', which means 'Peace be upon you'.

He said in a speech to the crowd: 

"Here's the whole truth... the entire State of Israel is a completely illegitimate enterprise. It was founded on somebody else's land.

"It's simple... so far as what they call Israel is concerned... No recognition. No normalisation. 

"Just boycott, boycott, boycott. As-salamu alaykum."



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