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Jerry Brown at Sierra Snow Pack (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Jerry’s Folly: Turning California Brown to Appease the Greens

Instead of building dams, reservoirs and fighting to preserve every drop of water he can for Californians, Jerry Brown has chosen to waste his political capital on a train that no one wants, which California can’t afford–and he’s stealing people’s land and closing down businesses in order to do it. And now, finally in his fifth year as governor, he finally decides to act on the drought—and, in quintessential Jerry Brown style, he blames those who have nothing to do with creating the crisis and threatens to penalize them if they don’t comply.

Breitbart California in Sacramento (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Purge: California GOP Kicks out Conservative Policy Staff

In a little-noticed move this week, California State Assembly Minority Leader Kristin Olsen, completed a purge of “conservative” policy staffers. The dramatic reversal—in both function and ideology of the Assembly Republican Caucus—mirrors the California GOP’s leftward shift, which has eschewed social conservatives as a “fringe” element.

MLK 754221762015_n

Government, not Racism, Is the Greatest Threat

When Martin Luther King said, “Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit and go out into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to poverty, racism, and militarism,” he was talking about individuals rising up against the forces that had kept blacks down, not government intervention.

Golden Gate Bridge to close to traffic for weekend

California Promotes Socialism Disguised as Prosperity

If you believe that government ought to keep its hands out of your pockets, and stick to its proper role–which is protecting our right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”; securing our borders; maintaining infrastructure; and achieving a handful of other things enumerated in the Constitution–then you cannot be silent in the face of an attempt to seize what little freedom you have left.

AP Photo

Republicans Can Win Boxer’s Senate Seat

Why not call a meeting of both GOP establishment and conservative leaders in California, and get them to agree to a strategy as a party? The basic strategy is very simple. Let the people pick the candidate. Then everyone–activists and donors alike–agree to back the primary winner through the general election. Instead of squandering tens of millions in the primary, perhaps the money could be pledged to support the Republican victor, regardless of whether he or she is a conservative or a liberal Republican.

AP/Rich Pedroncelli

CA Rings in New Year with Gas Tax Hike

Effective January 1st, drivers in California will be in for a shock as gas prices jump. This overnight price increase has nothing to do with the fluctuations of the market, nor will drivers be getting a better grade of gasoline. It’s simply the price of supporting a government that wants to control your every move.

Obama: The Most Dangerous Precedent

Obama: The Most Dangerous Precedent

Everyone knows–whether they admit it or not–that President Barack Obama’s “executive amnesty” is wrong. But most Americans aren’t sure how to stop him–even though if this last election was about anything, it was about stopping Obama from granting an executive

Republican Tide Crashes in California

Republican Tide Crashes in California

In 2014, “the year of the Republican,” California was only the state in the nation that lost solidly Republican seats to Democrats. As the election results rolled in, the perfect, red Republican wave came to a crashing end on California’s sandy

Why Borders Matter

Why Borders Matter

Borders matter. That became crystal clear this past week, when Tesla picked a location just over the border in Nevada, instead of locating its new battery factory in its largest market, California.  The regulatory and tax burden is significantly lower

Wanna Pay 8-9 Bucks per Gallon of Gas?

Wanna Pay 8-9 Bucks per Gallon of Gas?

Wanna pay 8-9 bucks a gallon for gas?  Think it couldn’t happen here? It’s already happening. The “Hidden Gas Tax”, buried deep within California’s”Cap-and-Trade” program, was tucked away in the fine print of AB 32–a 2006 bill that radically increased