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Austin Ruse

Austin Ruse

Austin Ruse is president of C-Fam (Center for Family & Human Rights), a New York and Washington DC-based research institute in Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council. He is also a bi-weekly columnist with Crisis Magazine.

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Daily Beast: Lady Gaga Delivers Super-Gay Super Bowl Anthem

Kevin Fallon in the Daily Beast thinks Lady Gaga’s National Anthem at the Super Bowl was a Big Gay Moment. Everything about her performance — the voice, the gestures, the clothes — were gay, gay, GAY, and clearly the producers meant it that way, he says.


Nigerian Ambassador Slams UN for Issuing LGBT Postage Stamp

UNITED NATIONS – Ambassador Usman Sarki of Nigeria gave a stinging rebuke to the UN Secretary General and the UN bureaucracy in anticipation of the roll-out of a UN postage stamp celebrating homosexuality and transgenderism tomorrow. Sarki invoked the UN Charter and

Vatican-Pope-Iran Rouhani Andrew Medichini AP

Top Washington Catholic Blasts Pope for Cozy Photo with Iranian Strongman

In an email to top Vatican personnel and shared with his network of influential friends in Washington DC and around the world, Leonard Leo has blasted Pope Francis and the Vatican for the cozy photo that was allowed to be taken of Francis with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that ran in newspapers around the world.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Influential Catholic Group Condemns Donald Trump

An influential Catholic website has issued a lengthy manifesto condemning the candidacy of Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. Catholic Vote is run by Chicagoan Brian Burch and is a go-to place for conservative Catholics involved in Church and secular politics. The statement is a bill of indictment that faithful Catholics cannot and should not support Trump.

Mark Schierbecker/YouTube

Bullying Mizzou Professor Charged with Assaulting Journalist

Prosecutors in Columbia, Missouri have charged Melissa Click, a communications professor at the University of Missouri, with assault after she was seen on video pushing a student-journalist away from a campsite created by “Black Lives Matter” student radicals.

Dr. Susan Berry/Breitbart News

Fiorina Makes 2016 Campaign Pitch at March for Life

The tens of thousands of pro-life activists gathered in Washington DC today heard more than just pro-life speeches – they also heard a rousing presidential stump speech by Carly Fiorina that may have come as a surprise to event organizers.


Rolling Stone’s Disgraced UVA Reporter Faces Scrutiny on Catholic Child Rape Story

Daniel Gallagher made national news in 2011 when he charged two Catholic priests and one teacher with serial rape when he was a fifth and sixth grader at St. Jerome’s parish in Philadelphia. His testimony put four people in jail, including two Catholic priests — Charles Engelhardt and Edward Avery — and one Catholic school teacher, Bernard Shero.

Terry Richardson attends a special screening of "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa" at the Sunshine Landmark Theater on Monday, Oct. 21, 2013 in New York. (Photo by

Fashion Big’s Dildo Baby Shower

Fashion photographer Terry Richardson and his assistant are expecting twins. So he and Alexandra “Skinny” Bolotow hosted their friends for an unusual baby shower.


Taxi Rape Culture in New York City

After a night out getting pawed by drunken Wall Street brokers, most women would like to think the ride home in a taxi is about the safest place you can be. No longer.