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Ted Cruz Reportedly Winning Over Some Rand Paul Supporters in Iowa

According to a New York Times report, Sen. Ted Cruz is making some critical inroads in Iowa, including gaining the support of "more than a dozen party leaders for his statewide campaign." Some of that support is coming from the state's libertarians, or Liberty movement, generally assumed to be aligned with Rand Paul.

Conservatives Battle Over Ted Cruz’s Electability

Conservatives may be split on the electability of Ted Cruz. But if this is the best Cruz critic and Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer can do - "we already tried a first-term senator" - the Texas senator may be looking good.
Ted Cruz

BBC: Ted Cruz ‘Dangerous Underdog’

Labeling him "a dangerous underdog" in the coming Republican scramble for the GOP's 2016 presidential nomination with a speaking style "a cross between Atticus Finch and Tony Robbins," BCC News begins it's look at U.S. presidential politics with a closer look at Texas Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz.
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Trump Goes ‘Birther’ On Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz is first into the race. But some want to know whether he's actually the first Canadian into the race. Donald Trump kicks off the birther questions for 2016.
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Exclusive: Rand Paul Will Call on Hillary To Return Saudi Dollars

Sources tell Breitbart News that Sen. Rand Paul will call on Hillary Clinton to return any money the Clinton Foundation received from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and any others that abuse the rights of women, given her ongoing campaign-like rhetoric supporting women's rights.
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Feds Acknowledge Power to Regulate Internet Rates Under Net Neutrality

Democrat members of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are now admitting that new net neutrality regulations may allow them to determine pricing for Internet service, an admission that's seen as "a vindication to critics of the new Internet rules, who have long warned that the agency’s powers will give it unprecedented control over the Web," according to a report from The Hill.
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Jeb Bush’s Curious Praise for John Sununu Raises Red Flags

A New Hampshire-based tweet from prospective 2016 candidate Jeb Bush seemed harmless enough, but with two past presidents in his immediate family, associations may matter more when it comes to Jeb Bush -- including who he informally claims to be taking advice from.
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Citizens United Sues State Department over Clinton-Related Records

Citizens United has filed a new lawsuit against the U.S. State Department regarding "long-lingering freedom of information requests," in effect asking the judge to compel them "to respond to four separate requests seeking documents that were filed in May and July of last year.

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