Loudon: Media Cover Up of DC Sexual Harassment Is One More Reason to Drain the Swamp


Political commentator Dr. Gina Loudon joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday to discuss Sen Al Franken’s admission to groping women over some number of years.

Loudon said the allegations against people like Franken were a surprise while adding that Democrats have claimed to support women for years but it’s increasingly clear they were just using them for their votes. According to Loudon, the identitiy politics they’ve used to exploit women are the same tactics they’ve used to exploit minorities and everyone else.

When asked about NPR’s Cokie Roberts admitting that media has covered up sexual harassment in Washington for years, Loudon said, “I think it’s particularly notable to add that she said the female press corp has covered up sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill, not just the press corp, the female press corp.”

Calling out that hypocrisy, Loudon continued, “How can women possibly ignore this any longer? And I’ll tell you I meet new people every day who have recently converted to the swamp draining mentality exactly because of things like this that are coming out and exposing the Left for the hypocrisy that you and I have always seen.”

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