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Here Are Some Other Monuments Obama Could Rename

Over the weekend, President Obama announced his plans to rename Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in the United States, to Mount Denali. It was classic Obama, governing by executive order, with little actual meaning or effect on society, irritating America’s heartland as a happy side effect.


Burning Man: A Modest Proposal

Middle-aged tech scene beta males go to Burning Man, an annual festival of self-indulgence and terrible fashion at which the worst people in the world congregate for a week of free love and bartered narcotics.


Silicon Valley Is Headed for Disaster, and No One Can Save It

As much as global financial concerns are going to hit tech companies harder than other sorts of enterprise, so too will their own lack of ambition. The ugly truth is that Silicon Valley has largely given up trying to fix big problems and has retreated into photo-sharing apps and productivity tools.

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Shaun King Confession: I Have No Idea Who My Father Is

In an emotional blog post on the Daily Kos website today, embattled Black Lives Matter organizer Shaun King finally revealed his secret: he had no idea who his real father is. King’s account confirmed all the key details of Breitbart’s reporting. “Until this past week,”


Black Sheep: The People Still Defending Shaun King

Family members and childhood friends of Black Lives Matter organiser Shaun King have confirmed to both CNN and Breitbart that King is white and that he has misled people about his race. King has not denied that he is white, and media outlets all over the world have now reported the story.


Bomb Threats Are the Greatest Compliment of All

The words “Milo” and “bomb” are often seen together on internet forums and in comment sections. For instance, “Milo! You da bomb.” But once in a while an even more explosive remark is made: one that requires the evacuation of venues I’m speaking at, or bars I’m drinking in.

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