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Why I Can’t Help Missing Ed Balls

I know that for a lot of you, the defenestration of Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls will have been the highlight of the election, more joyous even than the humiliating nationwide wipeout of the Liberal Democrats. Our mates over at the Guido Fawkes

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Attack Of The Killer Dykes!

We’re told that the greatest predator on earth isn’t the tiger shark or the lion but the lowly straight white male, a violent, aggressive thug who prowls the streets, raping, beating and killing unsuspecting women. But it is not so:


Avengers Director Joss Whedon is Feminism’s Battered Wife

Avengers director Joss Whedon was chased off Twitter this week after feminist trolls went loopy because… well, who knows. Something about the heteropatriarchal oppression of fictional characters, I guess. He later claimed that he had quit the social network for other reasons.

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Kids Need A Mum And A Dad

Every child should have a gay uncle, to teach them how to dress, take them clubbing and give them their first line of coke, but gay parents? As a party-hard homosexual myself, I’m not so sure. We learned this morning


How I’m Celebrating Earth Day

It’s Earth Day, that annual festival of self-important hand-wringing during which public sector employees are paid overtime to get the bus into work to turn the lights off for an hour and then back on again. Some of us, of


WATCH: Why Men Are Better at Chess

Men make better chess players. They have what psychopathology professor Simon Baron Cohen calls “systematising” brains, whereas women have “empathetic” brains. But Nigel Short, a UK grandmaster player, got into trouble this week for pointing out this biological reality. Short joins chess


First Look: Postal 2 Expansion Pack, Paradise Lost

Eleven years since the original decapitate-then-urinate-on-the-bad-guy-before-setting-him-on-fire gorefest Postal 2 was released comes Paradise Lost, a new expansion pack that effectively doubles the size of the original game, providing five whole new missions. Despite being more than a decade old, the Postal franchise continues

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