FULL TEXT: MILO On How Feminism Hurts Men And Women

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Welcome to the Dangerous Faggot tour.  I am Milo, the most fabulous supervillain on the Internet and of course in the minds of America’s liberal college professors.

In the first few weeks of the tour, we’ve covered a wide range of topics, all the way from Islam to fat lesbians telling me not to make fun of them.

We’ve even had a bomb threat that shut down my last lecture. I can’t believe that in 2016 leftists are still appropriating bomb culture from the Religion of Peace. I’m so offended!

You’re in for a special treat this evening, because I am going to speak to you about my most popular topic, feminism.

First, some celebratory news. It’s a bad day for feminists: first, hand-wringer in chief Hillary Clinton just had another 2,050 emails dropped. Not the mysterious tranche we’re waiting for from her server,  but those of her campaign manager John Podesta.

The emails reveal that Clinton’s campaign deliberately portrayed Bernie Sanders supporters as misogynistic “Berniebros” and Sanders himself as a sexist with “extreme views” on women.

Another victory I just heard about before coming on stage: the University of Alabama was just forced to climb down after demanding that the College Republicans over there pay $8,000 to have me speak. It’s a new way colleges are trying to shut down speakers they don’t like.

Well, guys. The only person at risk at a Milo talk is me. And I bring my own security. And it’s illegal for you to charge students these exorbitant fees. The university has now confirmed that its students will be charged a grand total of zero to have me attend.

Anyway. To this evening’s main event – feminism. 

I get a lot of emails on this subject. Their message is simple.

The message is “Thank you.” Thank you for standing up for me, and for boys who have no voice.  Thank you for reminding me that my life has a purpose, and is what I make of it, not what feminists tell me.

Thank you for speaking up against power.  Because feminism is the power now, in many ways.  Hillary Clinton is running for president on the back of racism against whites and sexism against men, touting the mythical gender gap we all know so well.

Nowhere is this power greater than on American campuses. The good news is we see widening cracks in that power, with every rape hoax that is exposed, and with every alumnus that withdraws his funding after another asinine stunt and the requisite caving of administrations to show they are good feminists too.

That constant stream of letters from young men galvanized me to action, resulting in this tour and the privilege to speak directly to students.

Interestingly, there is a second type of email I get, not as frequently as the first but still quite regularly. These letters are from women, also saying thank you.

You can tell a woman’s fan letter to me because they are typically caveated with all the hurtful things I say that they don’t like… for example “Dear Milo you are completely wrong on trannies they are girls if they want to be….. But I must write to say thank you for standing up to feminist idiots.”

It used to surprise me that women would write to me for speaking out on behalf of men, but it helped me realize there are women just as much against third-wave feminism as I am.

One of my most popular catchphrases is “Feminism is Cancer”.  

No matter how you look at it, Feminism is Cancer. Some of you might call me radiation therapy.  But the analogy is bad.  Radiation therapy damages normal tissue in a desperate attempt to kill cancer.

But my humor, facts, and charming personality are harmless to normal people.  Only feminists, their Muslim buddies and black lives matter suffer from post traumatic stress disorder when I speak.

Rich people that get cancer will seek out the experts at the Mayo Clinic. You’ve all been referred to the experts on feminism, the MILO clinic. I know you thought it would treat STDs but you’re wrong!

The good news is that everyone in this room and everyone watching online are also the chemotherapy that America needs.

Radical feminism of course started in academia. Some would assume it is a type of brain cancer.  But I’ve seen enough of universities to know we can conclusively say feminism is a bowel cancer.

American college campuses have gone to shit.

Smoking can take decades to give smokers lung cancer.  But college can give women the cancer of feminism as early as their first semester.  

Why aren’t there warning labels on college?  

Warning: College may turn you into an extremely unloveable woman.  

Warning: College may ensure cats are your only close companions.  

Warning: College may quadruple your body piercings and quintuple your BMI.

Speaking of smoking, have you noticed America’s nanny state never controls the really unhealthy behaviors that plague our culture?  They will ban large sodas, but not put a waiting period on blue hair dye.  

They check ID for alcohol purchases if you look younger than 35, but do they weigh feminists before serving them venti frappuchinos? No.

Some cancer sufferers smoke medicinal marijuana to help with their appetite.  Feminists, of course, don’t need any help with their appetite.

What I will speak to you about tonight is WHY feminism is cancer, how it has metastasized on college campuses, and what sort of effect feminism has had on young men, who have had the dubious distinction of being the first generation to be schooled at feminist universities.

But if we stopped there, we would tell only half the story.  Because as negative as radical feminism is for men, it is worse for women.

Let’s start with men.

Men have always borne the brunt of the risk in romantic relationships. You’re the ones expected to make the first move, make the judgements about whether it’s a good time to approach, work out how to ask her out, and then wait with their self-esteem on the line while she makes a decision.

Men have accepted this burden without complaint, because they see it as part of being a man. Somehow, I expect that feminists would see it as a great injustice if they were the ones saddled with this task. But men aren’t whiners, so they put up with the double standards, and have done for years.

Amazingly, yet predictably, feminists aren’t satisfied that the scales are already tilted in women’s favor. They want complete control over romantic relationships.

It’s not enough that they can destroy a man’s self esteem with a word of rejection. They also want to throw men in jail if their advance is too awkward, or if they themselves say yes and later regret it.

Complete control. That’s the impulse behind feminist attempts to expand the definitions of sexual assault and harassment.

That’s the reason we now have “affirmative consent,” perhaps the most kafkaesque set of laws in America.

Affirmative consent, for those who don’t know, is the idea that if you don’t consent at every stage of a sexual encounter, it’s rape. That means asking for every kiss and asking for every boob squeeze. It’s almost as if feminists want everyone to remain celibate.

Just because they can’t get any sex, they want the rest of us to have deserts down there too.

Men won’t even get a fair trial. If they’re accused of sexual assault on a college campus, they’ll be hauled before a group of college administrators for a “tribunal,” in which they will be denied legal representation and face a lower standard of evidence than in a criminal court. Even if they somehow beat this rigged system, like Emma Sulkowicz’s victim did, they can still have their lives ruined in the media.

When men are being told that they’ll be labelled “harassers” for making an awkward advance, and “rapists” for bad drunken sex or not getting consent for the fifth make-out session, there’s only one logical course of action: retreat.

The rise of feminism has fatally coincided with the rise of video games, internet porn, and, sometime in the near future, sex robots. With all these options available, and the growing perils of real-world relationships, men are simply walking away.

In 2015, I wrote an article on this trend, which I call the “sexodus.” It was an astonishing success, and was read and shared millions of times. Clearly the idea resonated with a lot of men growing up in a modern, feminist society.

Men who retreat aren’t necessarily the biggest victims here. They can function without real-world relationships much better than women. The real catastrophe is what it’s doing to society as a whole.

Birth rates are collapsing. If you took away immigrant communities, who tend to have higher birth rates, many western countries would have birth rates approximating those of Japan.

Of course, beyond the sexodus, feminism is also affecting birth rates by producing the pathetic, unloveable creature known as the “male feminist.”

You’re unlikely to get laid if you’re part of the sexodus, sure, but celibacy is practically guaranteed as a male feminist.

These beta orbiting cucks proudly carry the feminist banner, but they look at the cause as their best hope to get laid. Why do you think so many male feminists turn out to be virgins, perverts or, even more often, both?

There is another aspect of feminism that is very negative for men, but I will only briefly touch on it because most of the men in this room are young and therefore consider themselves invincible.

If you get cancer as you age, the medical establishment’s kowtowing to feminism will likely hurt your chances of surviving.

Women’s cancers like breast and ovarian cancer are widely publicized, you can’t go anywhere without those pink ribbons being in your face.

A Breitbart analysis of stories on NPR’s website showed there are 2.8 times as many stories on women’s cancers as men’s.

But the lack of publicity won’t kill you. Men are used to toiling away in thankless jobs. It is the lack of research dollars.

Breast cancer and prostate cancer affect a similar number of women and men respectively, and kill a similar number of their sufferers each year. But breast cancer receives more than double the research funding of prostate cancer, for no other reason than it affects women. And maybe because it involves tits.

In other words, not only is feminism cancer — it’s making other cancers worse!

That is a REAL gender gap.

Cancer patients receive chemo, which causes severe weight loss. Only a matter of time before it’s banned as a form of fat-shaming.

What do we think: compulsory chemo for all self-described third-wave feminists? Maybe that’s too much to hope for.

Feminists constantly beg for money, especially on social media and through kickstarter projects that never seem to be completed.  Unlike those parasites, cancer sufferers do deserve your donations. I suggest the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Now, the fact that feminism is destructive to young men isn’t surprising. But what may be surprising to the average listener is the second stage of the feminist cancer: that it spreads to the very gender is claims to empower.

It is easy to compare feminism’s effect on women to leukemia. It often affects the young, and once it appears it quickly spreads throughout the entire bloodstream.

On the other hand, whenever you see leukemia patients in commercials for charities, the kids are always so cute… Have you EVER heard of a cute feminist?

Another similarity is the type of survivor left behind. When a woman is fortunate enough to beat feminism and call herself a feminism survivor, she knows she is on a road to recovery and is no longer at risk of terminal insufferability.

Remission from feminism should be celebrated with loved ones just like remission from cancer.

Radical feminists are perplexed and outraged when confronted with a woman that is not a feminist. With tremendous self righteousness they will hold up a dictionary and say the definition of feminism is seeking equality between the sexes.

The problem for them is nobody is buying it any more.  

A Vox poll in 2015 shows that only 18% of Americans consider themselves feminists.  But 85% of Americans believe in equality between the sexes.

Either feminism has a serious marketing problem, or third-wave feminism has nothing to do with equality.

My money is on the latter.

Third-wave feminism, the only kind allowed on campus these days, replaces girl’s fantasies about unicorns and fairy kingdoms with one equally as mythological: the concept of patriarchy.

Feminists live in a grim, terrible world where an evil and powerful patriarchy controls a woman’s every move and holds them down in low paying jobs. Feminism has created a world in which men are the enemy of women.

In this dystopian world, women and girls are weak and incapable of making it on their own without the help of the sisterhood and whatever pathetic beta orbiters can be roped in to repeat their conspiracy theories and lies.

In the odd, fake, world feminists live in, the patriarchy says to women “you are nothing without us,”  but in the real world it is feminists saying to women “You are nothing without us.”

From my viewpoint, modern feminists WANT you to be weak, WANT you to be in unsuccessful relationships with men, and WANT you to be uneducated.  They will happily fill women’s heads with drivel in a gender studies course, but that isn’t an education.

Gender studies graduates emerge from university dumber than when they started school, believing more untrue things and dramatically less able to function in the real world.

Many feminists on this campus are no doubt scrambling to get into their safe spaces now that I’m here.  We rightly mock safe spaces, because we know part of college is facing uncomfortable things, and learning to logically and rationally confront ideas you don’t like.

Fragile feminists think safe spaces will protect them from the world, but they don’t.  In fact safe spaces grant the rest of the world a brief reprieve from dealing with left-wing stupidity, which is the only real argument for them.  

But the real result of a safe space is to reinforce ignorance, fragility, and a toddler mentality. It’s therapy culture.

Some of you may be asking: if feminism is a low percentage of the American population, how can it hurt women?

Well, cancer is also a low percentage of its sufferer’s cells, but it still damages the entire body by spreading to vital organs. A low percentage of Americans may be feminists, but feminism has spread into the most vital sectors of American life: academia, media, and politics.

And this has potentially deadly consequences.

Feminism pushes for women in combat, because to feminists, women can do everything men can do, better.

This is of course a lie. And when some of the jobs are really serious, like, say, defending our nation, it becomes a very dangerous lie.

Beyond the physical differences in strength and coordination between men and women, there are deeper issues. A study from the Marine Corps last year found that all-male units performed better than mixed units in 69 per cent of tasks.

What did the Army learn when contemplating the madness of women in combat? “Female soldiers suffered double the rate of injuries compared with male colleagues in Army combat training, including jobs in field artillery and repairing the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.”

What did the Marines discover? “Within the research at the Infantry Training Battalion, females undergoing that entry-level training were injured at more than six-times the rate of their male counterparts.”

Women in the army don’t want combat roles. Only 8% of female troops surveyed want a combat role.

But the military still pushed forward, to avoid a feminist backlash.  And they did so by lowering standards.  

Lowering standards doesn’t just affect America’s ability to win wars. Lowering standards in the military gets people killed, including, and disproportionately, women.

If they don’t get you killed on the job, Feminists will affect your career by creating an adverse relationship in the workplace between men and women.

It used to be considered good advice for celebrities and athletes to keep witnesses around in case they are charged with sexual misconduct by a woman looking for a payday. Now it’s sound advice for every man, including your bosses and professors.

Even if you do get a good job, feminists may get you laid off so that your employer can look like a good corporate citizen. Intel invested $300 million in diversity efforts, which is another way of saying they spent $300 million on nothing.  

What you may not know is shortly after that initiative, they announced $300 million in cuts across business units. Hello looking good to feminists, goodbye jobs for men and women in research and development.

Almost every effort to control speech and shut down either “abusive speech” or “hate speech”, terms that mean absolutely anything a person wants them to, is a feminist project.

About 1 year ago, the United Nations suggested we censor the entire Internet to save feminist’s feelings.

They released a completely insane report called “Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A Global Wake-up Call”.

Now, if I was writing a report on “cyberviolence,” I could do it in 140 characters, but someone infinitely more gifted already has.

The UN report itself contains a number of bizarre attempts to equate critical tweets on the internet with physical violence.

“A cyber-touch is recognised as equally as harmful as a physical touch” says the report. In their press release, UN Women claim that “cyber violence … places a premium on emotional bandwidth.”

Whatever the fuck “emotional bandwidth” is.

The UN isn’t so worried about women being raped and harassed in Europe, or discriminated against in the Middle East. If they did they wouldn’t have put Saudi Arabia on their human rights committee.

They care that people criticize feminists on the Internet. Think about that for a while.

Beyond the UN, look at Twitter and their trust and safety council.  They basically killed Twitter by embracing the nonsense idea of “online harassment.” Naturally, their death became obvious once they banned their most fabulous and entertaining user. 

Feminism does a terrible job picking causes….. And icons. I think they need a man’s touch in this area.

Think about high profile feminist heroes:

  • Mattress Girl Emma Sulkowicz, who made up a rape story and got her victim booted from school. She’s been hailed by the government as a hero.
  • Ellen Pao, a despicable, calculating employee who made up stories about her venture capital employer, lost a spurious discrimination lawsuit against them, and then ran Reddit into the ground. The Feminists use #Thank you Ellen Pao.  Thank you for what, besides making employers warier of ambitious women in tech?
  • Connie St. Louis, who accused hero scientist and Nobel prize winner Sir Tim Hunt of saying sexist things he never said. She was treated as a hero while he was run out of the country.  He is now successful in Japan and luckily she’s had her teaching hours cut. Another funny story: Connie St. Louis once said I was banned from Twitter because I called for someone’s assassination. She was actually thinking of Chuck Johnson, someone who was falsely accused of doing so, and banned nonetheless. She’s so mental she can’t even get her false accusations right!
  • The UVA rape case. Rolling Stone went out to document the horrific rape culture of American colleges.  They couldn’t find it since it doesn’t exist, but they found a girl willing to make up a story.  An amazingly detailed story with fake boys in it.  

Why does feminism always select this type of charlatan to be their heroes?  Why not find successful women that don’t exist to enhance the appearance of perpetual victimhood?  You do the math.

The sight of Hillary suppressing a seizure is nothing compared to the sight of a feminist when told that some women want to be stay at home moms.

Feminists aren’t for women’s choice, they are for women doing exactly what they are told to do by feminists.  It is a very communist set of ideals, which is why you see a big crossover between feminism and Marxism.

Hillary Clinton in her delightful speech on the Alt-Right was kind enough to read out some of my headlines.

My favorite one is “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy.”

Sorry, no offense, but it’s true. Women have been far unhappier over the last 35 years.

This corresponds to the feminist message: where self-medication, childlessness, and slaving away in a cubicle are touted as the path to utopia.

Even beyond your chosen lifestyle, feminism will affect your life.

Consider marriage.  Pew Research has found a REAL gender gap, but this one is about attitudes about marriage in young people. Comparing data from 1997 and 2012, Pew finds a big split has developed.  

While the percentages used to be similar, now interest among young men has dropped considerably while the interest among young women has risen considerably.

This is the natural result of feminism, young men are witnessing the financial horror of divorce for men, along with the unfairness of child custody. They are seeing feminists and assuming their potential spouse might be like those awful harpies.

Most women aren’t, but they are suffering thanks to the negative stereotypes of women put about by feminism.  

Women on the other hand are having trouble finding men interested in marriage or relationship, making them desire a suitable man more.

And we know women always want what they can’t have. It explains why I have so many female fans.

Feminists on campus will try to fill your head with garbage. One example is their rape on campus stats, are they up to 4 out of 5 girls will be raped?  They always change the stat! It’s always garbage.

Feminists on campus will talk your ear off about the wage gap.  It doesn’t how many economists show that the wage gap is a result of choices made.  

America is the most free society for women on earth.  Women are free to study what they want, and they naturally gravitate towards majors that suit them.

Some of these are high paying, like nursing and occupational therapy, both of which are more than 85% female.   But most are not.  Elementary Education and social work have similar percentages of female students, but much lower pay.

Men on the other hand dominate high paying STEM majors like Electrical Engineering.  Women are free to study engineering, and often make fine engineers.

But why on earth would feminism feel the need to shoehorn women into studying a subject they don’t want to? The movement that claimed to be about female empowerment now seems to be about female conformity.

You’re probably quite depressed by now.

Don’t be.

Together, we are winning the war against feminism. We are publicizing their tricks on campus and off, exposing their lies, and proving that women don’t need shrill harpies calling them weak victims of a made up patriarchy.

I greatly admire the young people who have to fight feminism in the trenches of academia, as opposed to from a giant tour bus with their face on the side.

Keep resisting, keep pointing out the facts, and keep laughing. Together, with facts and laughter, we can fight off this disease. Thank you.

Published from prepared remarks. 


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