FULL TEXT: MILO on why the Democrats Lost the White Working Class


 Welcome to the Dangerous Faggot Tour! I’m Milo, the supervillain of the Internet. I’m happy to be with you here tonight for my second show in Colorado.

I hear the protesters aren’t having too much fun out there in this weather. Shame. Poor lambs.

My team and I actually found the public ANTIFA Facebook group behind the protest out there. In it, they discussed whether or not they should wear masks to hide their identities, using their Facebook names, for all to see. No I am not making this up; my enemies are that fucking stupid.

Here’s one of them, peacefully expressing his dislike for me.

Where are you Gabe? I’d like you to try now please, if you’re hearing this! Come on.

Fucking idiots.

Anyway, moving on…

The Democrats have absolutely no idea what happened to them this election. But to me, it is extremely obvious.  The Democrats have gone from being the party of the common man, to the party of the cuckold.

Once upon a time, this was the voter the Democrat party supported.  This man worked hard in a dirty and dangerous environment, often shortening his life from disease and injury, for the American dream- to give his family a better life.

This type of man was and still is the backbone of this country, and he exists today in factories and yes even in coal mines.  Coal mines the left will proudly tell you they want to put out of business.

But this type of guy is no longer welcome by the progressives and the Democrats.

They have a new favorite voter.

Here he is! The current year Democrat. The social justice warrior. He doesn’t work, or if he does it is the service industry, because he is too busy complaining about things. He probably joined the Women’s March on Washington trying to hook up with some women after white knighting them.

What this profound change represents is a massive shift completely into the extreme fringe of leftist politics, which we call Identity Politics. What matters is your minority group, and how aggrieved you are.

The white working class is incompatible with those who have taken over the left. Nannying schoolmarms. Haughty college professors and worse yet, their brainwashed students shouting slogans. Race hustlers that define them as “part of the problem” just because they are white. I frankly don’t blame anyone for running away from the left, do you?

Let’s be clear about what the left lost. The white working class turned against the Democrat party in a historic fashion during this election. The numbers are stunning, even to someone as stunning as me.

I’m not a dataporn kind of faggot like those low-testosterone losers at the Guardian and the spectacularly dreadful FiveThirtyEight but I have to share a few of the key stats from Pew Research with you.

College-educated whites voted for Donald Trump by a 4% margin. This is similar to how they voted for Mitt Romney. That is a bit embarrassing to be honest, but we have to admit that those goofy #NeverTrump people are all college eggheads. Proof that college can make you dumber.

But the numbers for those that didn’t graduate college are amazing. A 39% margin for Trump! These are the deplorables, ladies and gentlemen, just as much as the hip millennials posting Pepe on Twitter.

Let’s be clear about one thing. Non-college educated doesn’t mean stupid. It means you wisely chose not to pay $40,000 a year to be lectured on microaggressions. Some of the smartest and most successful people in history have been either college dropouts, like me, or people who never attended at all, like a lot of my crew on this tour.

They are smarter — and so am I — than 90 per cent of the people in this room. They’re already more successful and they already have more enjoyable jobs and have more political and cultural influence than most of the people in this room.

No offense! But my point is that “non-college educated” isn’t a synonym for dumb redneck or idiot. A good 50 per cent of the most successful people I know didn’t get a university degree.

The split among all voters is also amazing. All college graduates went to Hillary by a 9% margin, while all people without degrees went to Trump by 8%. We haven’t seen this kind of gap since 1980.

So rather than smart versus dumb, try to think of this split in cultural terms.

When we look at the way counties voted in battleground states, it is a similar story. Trump won Wisconsin by taking 10 counties that typically go Democrat. Kenosha County has been Democrat since 1972, but it went to Trump.  Similar stories and countries exist in every state.

The evidence very clearly shows the left lost the white working class. The working class has always been a Democrat stronghold, mostly due to the Democrat control of labor unions. A long time ago when labor unions had a real purpose, Democrats fought for things we value now, like a 40 hour workweek and ending child labor.

As you might guess, I wouldn’t mind child labor coming back because I don’t like kids much, but even I know GENERALLY we are better off with kids going to school.

Liberals have lots of theories for why working class whites abandoned them. The most obvious of which is their old standby, “they are racist”.  That’s absurd… the same counties I just mentioned all voted for Obama, most of them twice.

They will also argue that whites voted this way out of anger. They voted for the clown candidate out of spite, to hurt the world that hurt them. This is a plot from a poorly written novel, it’s probably in Harry Potter somewhere since that is the only book that millennial liberals can reference.

Again, like their other theories, that is insane. American voters had multiple options to express their displeasure with the system.

They might vote for third party candidates like Crazy Jill Stein and high as a kite Gary Johnson.

Maybe even the heroic Jeb Bush.

Or they could just stay home.  And guess what, Democrats did all three to varying degrees in different states.  The Democrat push to get Republicans to vote third party failed disastrously at the same time. That McMuffin guy wouldn’t even win his home state of Utah.

This was Obama’s argument. He famously slapped the very people that elected him in Pennsylvania when he said:

“They get bitter; they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

What an amazing statement. After he said it, a lot of people realized just how out of touch with Americans the President really was. But it turns out it wasn’t just Obama, it was the entire party.

Just consider the values of the working class and you will see how incompatible the left has become.

The white working class wants jobs. They don’t want to be stuck trying to make ends meet with part-time work and government assistance. They want a good paying job that they can take pride in. The type of job that has fled America thanks to the left.

The white working class wants safety. They want to work hard while not worrying that their family is in danger from terrorists or criminals. It’s a basic American value as captured by Norman Rockwell.

The white working class wants freedom to do what they want. If they work a long shift, they don’t want scolding yuppies telling them they can’t drink a large soda. They don’t want to be lectured for enjoying a movie with some T&A. They certainly don’t want to sit down to a video game only to be lectured about sex and violence. They want to watch a NASCAR race without being lectured about global warming by people who fly around in private planes.

And finally, they want freedom of speech. They don’t want to be told what they can say and they don’t want to be called racist or be told they are bitterly clinging to God and guns for disagreeing with their elected politicians.

You see actually it’s often the working classes who enjoy the most subversive art. Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Guns and Roses. These are mainstream artists but they are artists who appeal primarily to the working classes.

What they all have in common is that they push or pushed the boundaries of decency and tried out new and dangerous ideas. Like your favourite faggot, Milo Yiannopoulos, they are generally scorned by the ruling elites while being phenomenally popular with ordinary people.

Here’s a list of things the modern Democrats value.

Globalization – Hillary wanted a borderless economic zone. Who do you think suffers the most under globalism? The working class of course, through wage depression, stagnant standards of living and unemployment.

Social Justice – Identity politics is the heart of social justice, where victims are in a pyramid and the most privileged people on earth are white men. Social justice warriors especially on campus would have the audacity to go up to a coal miner and lecture them on their privilege. If you’re a straight white male, no matter how poor you are or how bad your life has been, forget ever getting any sympathy from the left.

Islam – Liberals are in love with Islam, mainly because of identity politics. Even the women’s rights march was led by Muslim women with their heads covered! The white working class desires safety for their families, but Islam brings everything but safety. Look at Europe!

Free Everything – free education, free birth control, free healthcare, free Obamaphones.  All of these things are paid for by SOMEONE, and it isn’t usually the ultra-rich. It is the paycheck earners who watch their healthcare costs skyrocket.

Control of Speech – The left wants to control speech and thought. To them, America should be one giant college campus! The working class hates being lectured by Harvard and yes, even by UC Colorado Springs.

What the left doesn’t value, however, is the views and identities of the white working-class voters across America. This past election cycle brought us the most vicious anti-white rhetoric we have seen in years. You’ve undoubtedly noticed feminists brandishing “I Bathe in White Male Tears” signs and such. You’ve likely witnessed the liberal news cycle call out straight white males day after day.

The same obnoxious, patronizing tone. They talk to you like you’re a stupid dog who just pissed the rug for the fifth time this week. When that fails, they’ll blame slavery on you.

I gotta say, I’m a gay Brit here as a warning from Europe but I watch how ordinary Americans are spoken about and it makes me mad. You could even say I’m offended.

This is exactly the type of thing that put Trump into the White House. The more of this, the more voters see Lena Dunham talking about the extinction of the white race…. The longer the Republicans will be in power.

For years, the left and its various degenerate platoons like Hollywood, New York media and the universities vilified and generalized about an entire race. All the while of course telling us that race was just a social construct.

There are nearly 200 million white people in this country. Did you really think enough wouldn’t get tired of you harassing them, lying about them and insulting them and vote to save themselves from your odious bigotry?

The left berated, assaulted, and socially ostracised a huge slice of the population based on skin color.

If you’re listening to this, and you wrote or tweeted about “white men” being the problem, I want you to know that the next eight years are entirely your fault, so please soak it in.

This is the best way to look at it: Take any anti-white male propaganda the left has created and replace the word “white” or “male” with another group. “I Bathe In Black Tears,” wouldn’t go over too well would it? In my case I bathe in another fluid from black people but out of propriety I try not to bring it up too often.

The “die cis scum” social media activists of the world either can’t see this, or refuse to acknowledge it.

Something similar happened with feminism, you will recall.

So the question is, left-wing America: You now know why Trump is your president. You should understand what put him there. What will you do to fix it? Will you stop engaging in lopsided identity politics? Will you abandon them altogether? Or will you continue down the same path?

That strange homeless guy, Shia LeBoeuf is completely right: “He will not divide us.” But the liberal left will and if you look around, they already have, by dividing people into groups based on skin color, sexuality and gender.

They have forgotten the lessons of Dr King, who would be horrified by identity politics and probably have voted Trump like Kim and Kanye.

We fight outrage culture by being outrageous, and Trump and I are the answer to this need.

Within hours of Trump’s presidency, he began working on the exact policies he promised throughout the election. Now the rollback begins, and we use it to our advantage, rebuilding culture brick by brick.

I know some of you don’t believe me. Although I’m always proven right, there are still haters who won’t accept that the Democrat party has rejected the white working class so completely. So I am going to let the Democrats themselves tell you, in their own words.

This is Sally Boynton Brown, who wants to be the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, on what she thinks the chair of the DNC should do:

They all sound as crazy as her folks. She isn’t the Jill Stein of the DNC, she is a mainstream leftist.  They sound exactly like European politicians now, but Europeans don’t blame whites for everything, they just blame the people of their own country, like Germans or Frenchmen.

And the emphasis on Islam is the same as Europe too. The Executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has announced that stopping the influx of Muslim refugees into this country is the moral equivalent of slavery.

Their madness is deepening folks. It used to be all white people and only white people were racist, now any policy they don’t like is slavery.  Good luck pushing that outside of Salon, Twitter, and college campuses.

The left didn’t learn anything from the beatdown they suffered on election night. In fact they are doubling-down on their identity politics.

Conservatives aren’t just deplorables and racists, we’re white nationalist hatemongers.  And white women and the working class who voted for Trump are too. They’ve ramped up their fake news activities to prove how wrong we all are, and their top weapon is fake hate crimes.

America has a problem with fake hate crimes. The left is always searching for the next big outrage, and sometimes when the pressure gets too high, they just decide to make them up. That is basically how the UVA rape fantasy that ran in Rolling Stone came about by the way.

This trend has just accelerated since the election, fake attacks on Muslim women seem to be in vogue right now. But it isn’t a new trend. I wrote an article in May 2016 that documented 100 fake hate crimes in the last decade. 100 of them! And surely there were more that just didn’t make it into the public eye.

I bring this up because Colorado Springs is part of the list. In 2015, threats were left outside of a predominantly black church referencing the KKK and a second one says “Black men beware, you are the target”.

There’s just one problem. This is the evil racist local police found behind the messages.

Whoops, it’s a black guy! Sadly, this is part of an increasing trend in the US towards sensational but untrue stories.  Fake hate crimes are the original fake news.

I mentioned the UVA rape case, which was a complete fabrication happily carried by the leftist media. Of course everyone with a brain knows that rape culture on campus is a myth. 1 in 4 women on campus will not be raped, and American universities are not more dangerous than war-torn African nations, sorry about it.

But there are rape cultures in this world, and most of them are because of Muslims. A few years ago Colorado Springs got a taste of that first hand, when a group of 5 Iraqi men gangraped a woman, leaving her severely injured with blood spattered all over the walls.

Here’s one of the Iraqis involved, Jasim Mohammed Hassin Ramadon. Let’s all say a quick prayer of thanks to God that Donald Trump is already taking action to stop Islam’s rape culture from flooding America.

Islam carries rape wherever it goes. Whether it is the refugee rape gangs in Germany, or the long term grooming gangs in Rotherham, this is an actual rape problem that America doesn’t need. Unfortunately the west didn’t get the message at the time of this attack in Colorado Springs, but we have it now!

Identity politics never unifies the groups it pretends to care about, it just leads to intense jockeying for positions as America’s next biggest victim class. As the Democrats continue to descend into this madness, these groups will fight ever increasing battles for supremacy.

Of course I called this.. I wrote a piece in 2015 called “Minority Wars” that chronicled the way different groups within the leftist movement will fight each other over the next decade.

Some of them have already come true!

One of the battles I foresaw was intersectional feminists versus white feminists. That has already started, with white women at the women’s march being told to shut up and learn their place. Sounds a little like that DNC chairman hopeful doesn’t it?

There will be more fights. Trannies versus feminists is the one I’m looking forward to. Or there’s the one that hits closes to home, white gay men versus the entire rest of the LGBT spectrum, which gets three letters added to it every week.

The biggest battles will be amongst identities that don’t even exist yet. Maybe people that identify as Lego figures versus people that identify as the USS Enterprise. That would be a fun one wouldn’t it?

You should be seeing my point. Identity politics feeds on itself, and is tremendously destructive. The white working class, and America overall has rejected identity politics by electing Donald Trump, but the Democrats don’t care, and will have the political party they have chosen.

What Democrat Leaders Aren’t in Line?

I’ve said tonight that all the Democrats sound as crazy as that cat lady who wants to run the Democrat party. But some of them aren’t falling in line with the nuts. Have you figured out who I am talking about? It’s big labor.

I am no fan of labor unions. I don’t think they serve the purpose they once did, which was getting the American worker a fair shake. I think in many cases they hurt competitiveness and have hurt the very workers they represent.

But Labor leader are smart. They know it is very difficult to be the highly paid head of a union when there are no workers to represent. And that is the track America has been on.

This week big labor met with Donald Trump, and they gushed about him. Can you imagine labor leaders speaking about a Republican positively? Hell, there are lots of of Republicans that don’t talk about Daddy this way.

Here is a choice quote, about Trump’s decision to get rid of TPP: “With this decision, the president has taken the first step toward fixing 30 years of bad trade policies that have cost working Americans millions of good-paying jobs.”

The labor unions put their money behind Hillary Clinton, but they’ve swung around to Trump, because more jobs in America is good for everybody including big labor.

I’m going to give you one of my extremely rare trigger warnings, because I’m going to show you a graph about economics. I know many of you think you have enough classes during the week, but this is the dirty little secret about American workers that the left doesn’t want you to know.

The red line is growth in median household income. Hooray! Income has grown 43% since 2000! But not so fast. The blue line is growth adjusted for inflation. It is slightly negative since 2000, and at one point was almost down 10%.

The left can claim the economy is recovering, but the American worker is making no more adjusted for inflation than they were in the year 2000. This is the biggest problem facing the American economy, but the left would rather lecture you about cultural appropriation and microaggressions.

As a final aside on this graph, mainly so I can punish anyone not in STEM by keeping it up on the screen longer, who do you have confidence in helping American workers? The businessman who has made billions and created many thousands of jobs, or the politicians who have spent their life in the swamp?

I’d like to end this speech with a quick note about the men and women I’ve been speaking about, the white working class of America.

As a foreigner, I’ve had more exposure to the working class during this tour than I ever had before. They’ve been at my shows, spoken to me in public, and I’ve come to know them. Plenty of my active-duty military and veteran fans fall into this category too.

Working class Americans are fundamentally decent people. They are work hard, play hard people.  They are very different than me, and frankly very different from most of you. No matter what background you come from, you shouldn’t look down on the working class, because they are what America is really about.

The difference between conservatives and the new breed of Democrats is that we don’t think the working class is evil, or that they need to be controlled and taught how to think.

They care about the same things as we do. A strong America, a great economy, jobs for them AND you all when you graduate, and a safe place to live.

The American dream is what fuels the working class. The dream to improve economically and give their children a better life than they had.

At some point in the recent past, liberals decided that dreamers are illegal immigrants who should get cheap college tuition instead of hard working Americans who deserve more than shuttered factories.

To those Americans, I say welcome to the party of Trump, it’s going to be a wild ride.

Written from prepared remarks.

MILO wears glasses by Givenchy, $350. Distressed blue jeans by True Religion, $329. Brown leather belt with gold buckle by Louis Vuitton, $450. Light pink dress shirt by Brooks Brothers, $92. Sparkly purple suit jacket by Angelino, $225. Burgundy crushed velvet slippers by Crockett & Jones, $370. Socks by Ralph Lauren, 3 pairs for $21.98. Jewellery and pearls, too much money to count.


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