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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Democrats Slam Hillary Clinton for Her Response to Email Scandal

Democratic political leaders across the nation, unperturbed by the possible illegality of Hillary Clinton’s email practices, seem to be primarily concerned that Clinton’s response to the resultant furor might affect their own personal political fortunes or those of the Democratic Party.

WBDJ 7 News

Vester Flanagan Started Career at SF TV Station

Vester Lee Flanagan II, 41, the gay black shooter who murdered WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker, 24, and photographer Adam Ward, 27, who were white, started his mercurial journalistic career working for KPIX in San Francisco in 1993 as an intern.

The Associated Press

Los Angeles Slashes Water Use

In July, Los Angeles residents reduced their water use by 21%, meeting the standard that state regulators implemented and avoiding fines and penalties imposed by the state.


Dog Stops Highway Chase 

On Tuesday, a suspected auto thief in San Diego was taken down by a police dog, avoiding any lethal confrontation between the suspect and police.

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

MSM, GOP Establishment Team Up to Target Ted Cruz

The clear hatred of the Republican establishment for Sen. Ted Cruz and the mainstream media’s genuine fear that the articulate Cruz could be the nominee of the Republican Party in 2016 were clearly revealed in a telling exchange on NBC’s Meet the Press.

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