Unemployment Declines Among Foreign-Born, Rises Among Natives

While the number of unemployed foreign-born workers declined last month, the number of unemployed native born workers increased, according to data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The not seasonally-adjusted BLS data reveals that while the number of unemployed foreign-born workers declined by 57,000, the number of unemployed native-born Americans increased by 27,000.

Compare 1,204,000 unemployed foreign workers in September to 1,147,000 in October and 6,423,000 unemployed native workers in September to 6,450,000 in October.

Accordingly the unemployment rate among foreign-born workers declined from 4.6 in September to 4.4 percent in October. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate among native-born workers remained constant at 4.9.

While foreign-born workers fared better in October on the unemployment front, both groups experienced net job growth from September to October. The foreign-born added 192,000 more jobs from September’s 24,928,000 employed foreign-born workers to 25,120,000 in October.

The number of employed native-born workers also grew 545,000 from 124,052,000 in September to 124,597,000 last month.

The labor force participation rate for both groups increased as well. Foreign-born workers increased from 64.8 percent in September to 65.5 percent in October and native-born increased 61.8 percent to 62.0 percent over that same timeframe.

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