Jon Stewart: Palin Wrong on Waterboarding, NRA Wrong on Guns

Jon Stewart: Palin Wrong on Waterboarding, NRA Wrong on Guns

On April 29th, Jon Stewart criticized former Governor Sarah Palin’s support for waterboarding terrorists and the NRA’s ongoing fight to protect the Second Amendment. 

According to The Wrap, Stewart focused specifically on Palin’s remarks at the April 25th-27th NRA convention, in which she said, “If I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

Stewart responded, “Well, all I can say is thank God that (Palin in charge) is a hypothetical.”

He accused Palin of “conflating a sacrament of her faith with torture,” and he said he could not think of any place where her speech would have been “appropriate.”

Stewart then turned to the NRA and criticized its ongoing “contention that Republicans needed to protect their guns because the other side was winning.” He continued, “What the other side is winning are elections, a peaceful contest between two competing viewpoints.” 

Stewart also said the NRA is focused less on producing “electable candidates” who share their viewpoint and more on “Lock and Load motherf-ckers!”

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