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Dawn Of ObamaCare


In response to ObamaCare is politics, not a plan:

ObamaCare could get very ugly as soon as January 1, 2014.

Obama administration officials acknowledged today that some of the roughly 126,000 Americans who completed the torturous online enrollment process in October and November might not be officially signed up with their selected issuer, even if the website has told them they are.

Technical problems surrounding the transfer of an applicant’s personal information from the federal marketplace to the selected insurance company have plagued the system since its launch, making it difficult for insurers to finalize some enrollments. The 834 forms that issuers receive from the system have been riddled with errors, including often duplicate or incomplete information.

While the front-end of the website has been vastly improved, the back-end glitches remain a serious concern, IT experts and industry officials say.

“Until the enrollment process is working from end-to-end, many consumers will not be able to enroll in coverage,” said Karen Ignani, president and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans. “In addition to fixing the technical problems with, the significant ‘backend’ issues must also be resolved to ensure that coverage can begin on Jan. 1, 2014.”

About 125,000 people have signed up (they think) so far, and 5 million or so have lost their insurance polices.

AJ Strata finds those numbers unpromising…The real test on Jan 1, 2014 is still to come. 

The numbers above show nearly all those who had terminated policies will not be enrolled.

That means every, single, horrific story of a sick person fighting a preexisting condition (e.g., cancer, pregnancy) now without insurance will be fair game. Because it will be the sheer ineptitude and negligence of Obama and the Democrats who risked each and every human life. What a political PR disaster – and deservedly so.

Meanwhile, the Regime has announced that they will let insurers GUESTIMATE how much government owes them for Obamacare because the payment portion of the website hasn’t been created yet…

It does sound like they’ve set the bar dismally low – they’ve given up on actually being successful, and instead are trying to keep their Zombie health care law animated enough to stumble across another finish line.

Chris Stirewalt has explained all of Obama’s moves, this way: “Buy time.” AKA “run out the clock.” That’s how he’s handled every scandal from Fast and Furious to ObamaCare. And the media has let him get away with it.

Ace says, “It’s that simple. Everything he does (and, in fact, virtually everything he’s ever done as President) is about buying time. Putting off hard decisions. Telling the public lies which will hold for a news cycle and hope that the ultimate price to be paid for determined serial deception will be minimal.”

When the the group market cancellation bomb hits in 2014, there will indeed be Democrats who will stand with the president, but I think in an election year, many more will scatter to avoid becoming collateral damage. 

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