Military Women Join Rebellion Against Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro

The rebellion against the regime of socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro has attracted the support of military women in increasingly embattled Venezuela.

Lt. Evelyn Gabriela Andrade López of the Venezuelan navy came out against the Maduro government, noting that she had joined the military uprising — “Operation David” — led by Capt. Juan Caguaripano, reports El Nacional. 

In early August, a video disseminated on social media featured a group of military men, purporting to represent the 41st Armored Brigade in Valencia, announcing the start of “Operation David,” which they described as a “legitimate rebellion” against a government that was destroying the country, notes the Telegraph.

In a video published Monday, Lt. López demanded the resignation of Maduro as well as the release of political, civil, and military prisoners.

“Let’s not let the high-ranking military officials — who have allowed corruption and human rights violations — continue to defend this [Maduro] government of criminals and murderers,” she declared.

Venezuelan Army Lt. Carolina Draegert has also rebelled against the dictator.

Venezuelan soldiers are “uniting against the Maduro regime,” she told Noticias RCN, adding that the military uprising does not want “the world to see us as coup maker.”

In an exclusive interview with RCN, she referred to Maduro and his followers as “cowards and traitors to the country.”

Death threats after Lt. Draegert published a video against Maduro online forced her to flee to neighboring Colombia.

“They were going to kill me, so I had to pick up my family and leave our country,” she said.

“As long as Maduro continues with his decision to perpetuate himself, the following will happen: people will die,” added Draegert.

Socialist policies have bankrupt Venezuela. The country has descended into chaos during the last few months.

Maduro wants to impose himself as Venezuela’s perpetual leader. In recent months, many people have taken to the streets to protest against the socialist regime in Venezuela, demanding that Maduro step down.

Clashes have broken out across the country between supporters and opponents of the socialist dictator.

President Donald Trump’s administration has expressed support for the struggling Venezuelan people, noting that a military option is on the table for the United States.

Nevertheless, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres continued to push for dialogue and negotiations in dealing with Maduro, dismissing Trump’s consideration of possible military action.

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