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Germany Sends Turkey Warning Signals

BERLIN (AP) — Germany’s government is signaling to Turkey that its patience is running out and it can hit back against escalating provocations, but has sought to stop well short of burning its bridges with its NATO ally.


EU Parliament Votes to Freeze Turkey’s Membership Talks

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — The European Parliament has advised the European Union to freeze accession talks with Turkey amid growing concerns over the country’s human rights and democracy. Turkey rejected Thursday’s move, calling it an attempt to “sabotage” relations with

Turkey’s Erdogan Wants to Address Rally in Germany

BERLIN (AP) — Germany’s foreign minister says Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has asked permission to hold a rally to address Turks in Germany on the sidelines of the upcoming G-20 meeting in Hamburg, a request that could further inflame

Turkey Blocks German Lawmaker Visit to Soldiers at Air Base

BERLIN (AP) — Turkey has blocked a request for German lawmakers to visit their country’s soldiers at the Incirlik air base, the German government said Monday, increasing the possibility that it might relocate planes supporting the campaign against the Islamic State group.

Germany Grants Asylum to Turkish Military Personnel

BERLIN (AFP) – Germany has granted political asylum to numerous Turkish military personnel and their families holding diplomatic passports, German media reported Monday, amid strained relations between the two NATO allies. The German interior ministry was not immediately available for comment, but

Dutch-Turks Start Voting in Erdogan Referendum

THE HAGUE (AFP) – Turkish voters based in The Netherlands started casting early ballots Wednesday in a referendum which could boost President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s powers, amid an ongoing diplomatic spat between Ankara and Europe.