Hillary Clinton Supporters Boo James Comey at Campaign Rally

james comey
Drew Angerer, Mark Wilson/Getty

Hillary Clinton supporters booed F.B.I. director James Comey at a rally today, after the Democratic presidential nominee spoke about the decision to revisit the investigation into her private email server.

“I’m sure that some of you may have heard about a letter that the F.B.I. director sent out yesterday,” Clinton said during a rally in Daytona Beach, Florida, as the crowd booed.

Clinton smiled and nodded in reaction, raising doubts about the motivation behind the renewed investigation.

“Well, if you’re like me, you probably have a few questions about it,” she said. “It is pretty strange. It’s pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. In fact, it’s not just strange, it’s unprecedented and it is deeply troubling.”

Clinton said that voters deserved all the facts about the investigation, and called for Comey to release more information.

She also accused her opponent Donald Trump of using the news to lie about her.

“Of course Donald Trump is already making up lies about this,” she said, as the crowd booed. “He is doing his best to confuse, mislead and discourage the American people.”

She said that Donald Trump has “disgracing himself” by “attacking our democracy.”

“We can’t let him get away with this, can we?” she asked, as her supporters cheered.

Clinton reminded her supporters that she would continue fighting for victory, despite the ongoing investigation, describing the news as “noise” and “distractions.”

“What I worry about [are] the problems that keep you up at night,” she said, “And I’m going to stay focused on that because you know on November 9th, that’s what’s going to matter.”