Nolte: Hundreds of American Indians Demand Warren ‘Fully Retract’ Fake Native Claims

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 10: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), L, waves as CNN moderator Chris Cuomo looks on at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and CNN’s presidential town hall focused on LGBTQ issues on October 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. It is the first Presidential …
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“More than 200 Cherokees and other Native Americans have signed a letter urging Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren to fully retract her past claims to being Native,” reports the far-left Los Angeles Times.

You can read the letter here and see for yourself that 215 American Indians have signed on demanding a full retraction from Warren, as opposed to the mealy mouthed apologies she’s been offering ever since that debacle of a DNA test not only proved she has no more Native blood than the average American, but that she might even have less.

The letter pulls no punches…

You have yet to fully address the harm you have caused. While your apologies are a step in the right direction, they have been vague and inadequate. Accountability is not just admitting you made a mistake, but working to correct the harm it caused.

Like many other white families, your family story of Cherokee and Delaware ancestry is false and it was wrong for you to repeat it as an adult. You have had the genealogical evidence since 2012. Stating you do not qualify for citizenship is not enough; the truth is you and your ancestors are white.

You have done some good things for Indian Country during your time in political service. You have also done real harm. Right now, you have the platform and the opportunity to stand firmly on the side of justice. This is not about politics or your career. This is about the well-being of our nations. The time has come for you to show true leadership and make this right.

For decades Warren promoted herself as Cherokee, and while the fake media claim she didn’t receive any benefits from this, no one with common sense believes her academic career was not boosted by the false claim. Harvard listed Warren as a “woman of color” in 1993, for crying out loud. Left-wing schools like Harvard are obsessed with identity. Of course this lie boosted her standing. She didn’t run around claiming to be Cherokee for all those decades for any other reason than the social cache that comes with being a minority in places like Harvard and the Democrat Party.

So now, here she is, after having lost three-out-of-three Democrat primary races, about to lose a fourth in South Carolina, and a group of actual American Indians (God bless ’em) are — unlike the useless media — refusing to let her off the hook.

Warren has already responded to the letter, but in her 12 interminable pages, she is again mealy mouthed:

I am not a person of color; I am a white woman, and that is how I identify. In addition, I am not a tribal citizen. Tribal Nations—and only Tribal Nations—determine tribal citizenship. It’s their right as a matter of sovereignty, and they exercise that in the ways they choose to exercise it. I have said very publicly—and I will continue to say—that DNA does not determine tribal citizenship. This is no small point because of the long history of colonialism and violence perpetrated against Native communities, people, and identity by this country. And I understand that the confusion my actions propagated around tribal sovereignty and citizenship caused real harm to Native people and communities. I was wrong to have identified as a Native American, and, without qualification or excuse, I apologize for the harm I caused.

Blah, blah, blah…

The real American Indians are having none of that and have already responded via the LA Times:

But the authors of the letter … called those apologies “vague and inadequate.” They say she needs to state clearly that family stories she heard were false, and that it is wrong to use DNA tests to determine Native American identity.

After receiving Warren’s response, three of the authors — Justice, Pierce and Nagle — said Warren “made an effort” to address their points about DNA tests and who gets to determine who is Native, but noted that Warren hasn’t recanted her family story.

In other words, they want her to admit she lied, which she is refusing to do with all these word salads about how she’s sorry and how she will now identify as a white woman and how she’s still down with the struggle despite her glaring whiteness.

To this day, one of the letter’s authors says she and other Cherokees “often encounter Warren supporters who insist that the DNA test proved Warren’s claims and that her recounting of family history was harmless.”

Elizabeth Warren is not only a godless phony who perpetrated a fraud for decades, a whiter-than-white  grafter who should be laughed off the planet, decent people don’t do things like this… What kind of monster uses genetic — genetics! — by way of DNA to prove she’s the member of a tribe?  What kind of monster uses family lore to pretend she’s the member of a tribe? A tribe is a tribe, it’s like a club, an exclusive club, and your bloodline has nothing to do with membership, and how do you run around pretending to be Cherokee for 30 years and not know that?

And of course the Cherokee are furious over her fraud. Wouldn’t you be in their situation? Wouldn’t you be if someone tried to barge in on something sacred to you using lies, a breathtaking sense of entitlement, and a DNA test that reveals you’re no more Native than Will Ferrell?

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