Speaker Johnson: Government Should Show Love to Americans

Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

“It’s time for Washington to start showing some love to Americans,” House Speaker Mike Johnson told the media on Valentine’s Day — and one day after the House impeached President Joe Biden’s border chief.

Democrats and some Republicans are not listening to the American people, Johnson said Wednesday, adding:

They’re crying out to the Biden administration to secure the border. This is not a Republican issue. It’s an issue for every single person, and everybody knows it.

We know the stories of children being poisoned by fentanyl. Cities [are] being overwhelmed by migrant surges. House Republicans have shown we are listening to and holding the administration accountable for this catastrophe. We’re listening to the people, taking action to holdBiden accountable.

Last night, the House voted to approve articles of impeachment against [border chief] Secretary Mayorkas. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We had to do that. He has abdicated his responsibility. He’s breached the public trust and he’s disregarded the laws Congress has passed.

But much more has to be done, of course, to secure the border and what the Senate produced this week [the $95 billion aid bill] is silent on that issue.

Johnson spoke one day after 22 GOP Senators joined with Democrats to pass a bill offering $60 billion in aid for Ukraine’s territorial war with Russia, and $10 billion for migrants.

[Senate GOP leader] Senator [Mitch] McConnell and I have spoken about this in frank sessions and let me be clear here again this mornin: The Republican House will not be jammed or forced into passing a foreign aid bill that was opposed by most Republican senators and does nothing to secure our own border.

It’s time for Washington to start showing some love to Americans. Valentine’s Day is a good day to point this out.

We need to listen to the American people and their needs and take action. And that’s why House leadership will continue to govern with Americans’ interests at heart.

Breitbart News has carefully tracked the Democrats’ use of migration as an economic and political tool, regardless of the damage to ordinary American families.

A new report from the Congressional Budget Office reinforces the vast evidence that the federal policy of Extraction Migration shifts family wages and workplace investment toward Wall Streetreal estatecoastal states, and government.

The economic policy is very unpopular, in part, because it also diverts politicians’ focus away from American communities and the “deaths of despair” among discarded Americans.


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