Report: Black Voters in Milwaukee Have ‘Serious and Lingering Doubts About Biden’

FILE - Voters fill out their ballots at a polling place, Feb. 29, 2020, in Charleston, S.C
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File

Despite President Joe Biden devoting time and energy to Milwaukee this campaign cycle, he is lagging in support there compared to 2020 due to skepticism from black voters, according to a recent report from Politico Magazine.

According to the report, black voters have “serious and lingering doubts about Biden and whether he’s delivered on his promises to them.”

The report said Biden’s “anemic” showing in Milwaukee could cost him the critical swing state of Wisconsin.

The report also notes that he is suffering from the same problem nationwide: “In traditionally Democratic redoubts, polls suggest alarmingly low levels of support among Black and Latino voters.”

Lorenzo Davis, a barber and ambassador for a pilot program by voter advocacy group Black Men Vote, told the outlet he was voting for Trump.

“He’s about business,” Davis told Politico. “I agree with him that we should have more American-made products.”

Davis recalled there were ample factory jobs in Milwaukee until manufacturing was sent overseas, and noted that Trump frequently discusses the issue.

“There were so many manufacturing jobs that got shipped to Mexico for cheaper prices and are now sending their parts back here,” he said.

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At the barbershop that was chosen to be part of the pilot program, a question about Biden drew mocking from other barbers.

“Sleepy Joe?” barber Rome Simmons asked. “You see the way he shuffles around. Hell, I’d be sleepy, too.”
Simmons listed grievances against Biden that included his handling of the border crisis and no real change in the criminal justice system — something that Biden had promised in 2020 to make a priority.

Khalif Rainey, a former city council member, told the magazine “many Black folks still don’t feel ‘prioritized’ by Biden.”

They see other groups, including newly arriving asylum seekers from Latin America, receiving rental assistance, legal services, and other public benefits, while potholes and “decrepit buildings” line their streets.

In addition, $95 billion in foreign aid for Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel leave them scratching their heads, the report said.

“We don’t really ever feel like we got anything out of it,” Rainey said. “And if that’s the case, then I think a lot of people would just stay home.”

Some black voters oppose Biden’s support for Israel’s military offensive against Hamas, the report said, and are siding with groups who cast protest votes against Biden in the Democratic presidential primary in April. The 48,000 “uninstructed” votes against Biden is more than twice the president’s statewide margin of victory over Trump in 2020, the report said.

First-term Democratic state Rep. Darrin Madison told Politico that Biden has not done enough in Milwaukee.

“They’ve shown up for the photo ops, but they have not been building on the ground,” he said.

“Biden is asking Black and brown voters to help save democracy at home, he said, while simultaneously supplying Israel with military equipment to carry out what he sees as an unjust war overseas,” the report said.

A recent CBS poll showed that Trump has 24 percent support among black voters nationwide.

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