Hillary Clinton: New York Gun Crime Driven by Vermont Guns

Hillary Clinton NY APRichard Drew
AP/Richard Drew

During an April 4 meeting with New York state legislators, Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton suggested New York gun crime is driven by guns crossing the border from Vermont.

According to Politico, Senator Tim Kennedy (D-Buffalo) recounted Clinton’s words, saying:

She said she wants to work to get illegal guns off the street and said it’s been part of her work as an elected official to strengthen laws to keep America safe. She said that it’s going to be coming out in the very near future that many of the catastrophes that have taken human lives in the State of New York have been the product of guns coming over the border from Vermont.

Kennedy said Clinton’s claim about guns from Vermont having a significant tie to New York crime was news to him. He said, “That’s the first I heard it. I think it caught everybody’s attention and we’re looking forward to learning more about it.”

Clinton’s challenger for the Democrat presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders, is a Senator from Vermont.

On September 17, 2015, Governor Andrew Cuomo said New York gun crime was the fault of southern states.

The New York Daily News quoted Cuomo saying, “The cruel irony here is that we passed the toughest gun control law in the country here in New York.” He was referencing the SAFE Act, which requires firearm registration, bans “assault rifles,” bans “high capacity” ammunition magazines, and expands background checks, all under the guise of reducing gun violence.

Cuomo added, “[But] as long as you can get a gun from some state down south, put it in a trunk and drive it up, it’s gonna get into this state, and that’s what’s happening.”

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