Brady Campaign: Quiet Guns Deadlier Than Loud Ones

THURMONT, MD - MARCH 12: There's burst of smoke and ejecting shell as A.J. Wynne shoots a Heckler & Koch MP 5 short barrel rifle with a suppressor. A.J. Wynne is a former Marine who now works as a firearms instructor. He spent the afternoon target practicing with a variety …
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On January 23, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence joined a newly-birthed anti-suppressor campaign by arguing that quiet guns are deadlier than loud ones.

They made this argument on the same day that political science professor Robert Spitzer used a Washington Post op-ed to suggest suppressors could hinder “potential victims” from escaping a mass shooter and could prevent a hiker from “being alerted to the presence of a hunter in the woods.”

The Brady Campaign tweeted: “[The] movement 2 make gun silencers easier 2 obtain ignores that gun shots are warnings to bystanders of potential danger.”

The tweet suggests suppressors makes the sound of gunfire disappear. But in reality, suppressors simply make the sound of gunfire manageable. You can still hear it, but the decibel level is lowered to a point that it does not hurt the ears, and this explains why the title of the suppressor deregulation legislation is the “Hearing Protection Act.”

Nevertheless, the Brady Campaign is in lockstep with other gun controllers who do not want to see government restrictions rescinded or reduced in favor of the Second Amendment. In fact, they want more and more gun control. For this reason, they rebuffed President Trump’s offer of prayers for victims’ families following the January 6 Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport attack by tweeting that they did not need prayers. Rather, they needed gun control.

The Brady Campaign tweeted:

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