Nevada Supreme Court Upholds Ban on So-Called ‘Ghost Guns’

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The Nevada Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a lower court ruling and upheld the state’s ban on so-called “ghost guns.”

“Ghost guns” is a moniker Democrats give to firearms that Americans build out of parts kits.

Lyon County District Judge John Schlegelmilch decided against the state’s ban in 2021, finding it too vague. The state appealed Schlegelmilch’s decision, resulting in case going before the Nevada Supreme Court.

The Associated Press reported Polymer80, a well known Nevada-based gun parts company, argued that many of the ban’s terms were not clearly defined. However, the Nevada Supreme Court saw it differently, deciding unanimously to uphold the ban.

Breitbart’s Own AWR Hawkins Busts Democrats’ “Ghost Gun” Myth

AWR Hawkins / Breitbart News

In the majority opinion, Chief Justice Lydia Stiglich wrote, “The statutes here only regulate conduct involving an object that is intended to ultimately become a firearm. They prohibit acts involving such not-yet-complete firearms that have not been imprinted with a serial number.”

Stiglich indicated that words can be “generic and broad” without being vague.

KLAS noted that the Nevada Supreme Court’s decision means the state’s ban on “the possession, purchase and transfer of unserialized gun parts” now goes into effect.

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