VIDEO: Engine of Russian Flight Carrying 321 Passengers Catches Fire on Runway

The engine on a flight from Thailand to Moscow went up in flames while trying to take off a runway on Saturday.

At the time, the Russian Azur Air flight had 321 people onboard, and the incident prompted officials to cancel all flights, according to Euro Weekly.

“After the pilot was informed about the fire, the flight was immediately aborted, as the plane was forced to a standstill,” the outlet said.

The incident reportedly happened at Phuket airport, and in addition to the fire, some of its tires apparently exploded.

Video footage shows the plane going down the runway, however, flames are seen coming from underneath a wing and moments later, smoke appears underneath the wing.

The aircraft then apparently slows down on the runway:

Passengers and crew members were eventually offloaded and forced to wait on another flight, the Daily Mail reported, adding there were reports of a “loud bang” when the takeoff was in progress.

“A suspicion is that Russian airlines are cutting corners with safety and seeking to operate ageing aircraft without proper maintenance following tough Western sanctions over Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine,” the outlet continued.

It also claimed that “passengers on board included families of men hiding from Putin’s mobilisation decree.”

Per the Euro Weekly article, approximately 47 flights were affected by what happened and crews worked to repair the plane until 12:30 a.m. on Sunday.

“While the plane was being repaired, other flights had to be diverted to Krabi, Samui, and Suvarnabhumi airports, as per the airport management,” the report said.

No one among the passengers or flight crew were injured during the incident. The group was transported back to the airport’s terminal, Aviation24 reported.

The outlet also noted the tires were damaged due to heavy braking on the runway.

Meanwhile, the passengers were reportedly given hotel rooms, food to eat, and soft drinks while they awaited their flight that was rescheduled for 12:25 on Sunday, the outlet said, citing a Russian Telegram account.


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