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Whitewashing Islam: Egypt’s Grand Mufti and Muhammad’s Transformation in Medina

On July 2, the Wall Street Journal carried an article by Shawki Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, who claimed that “violent extremists” are distorting the true purpose of fatwas and thereby, the true meaning of Islam. He goes on to extoll the virtues of Muhammad’s many roles – calling him a divine inspiration, social reformer, military leader, statesman, and also a Mufti.


A Litmus Test for the Next President

Under President Obama’s stated policy to fundamentally transform America, our influence on and leadership of the free world has not only been diminished but openly challenged by the likes of China, Russia and Iran. Our unilateral disarmament has only compounded the problem. Furthermore, our allies don’t trust us, and our enemies don’t fear us. That is the worst possible combination.

White House lifts 40-year ban on photos during public tours

Qatar to Free Taliban Commanders Exchanged for Bergdahl

The five senior Taliban Commanders released from Guantanamo (GITMO) in exchange for the return of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl are set to be freed from their “luxurious” confinement in Qatar effective June 1. These five hard-core terrorists are Mullah Norullah Noori, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Mullah Mohammad Fazl, Khairullah Khairkhwa and Mohammend Nabi Omari. They were classified as some of the most dangerous Taliban commanders held at GITMO, according to Thomas Joscelyn of The Long War Journal.

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The Greatest Threat to Our National Security

When President-elect Obama declared that he was going to “fundamentally transform” America, not many Americans understood what that meant. They certainly did not understand that he did not believe in America’s exceptionalism and greatness. They were also unaware of his past Marxist indoctrination, blaming America for many of the world’s problems. Therefore, anything that undercuts and withdraws America’s power and influence is seen as being objectively progressive. This is fundamental to understanding why President Obama shows empathy with American’s enemies, e.g., Iran, Cuba, Russia, and China.

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Islamic Ideology: Identifying the Enemy

While America continues to face an expanding national security threat, President Obama has great difficulty in identifying the enemy that has been at war with the United States for over 35 years.


Obama’s Paris No-Show, Snubbing Sisi’s Reforms: Two Messages to the Muslim World

Symbols matter throughout the world, but no more so than in the Middle East. Like it or not, with President Obama’s no-show in Paris, the Ummah (Muslim world) will likely interpret his absence as another subtle message that he stood with the Islamic Jihadis who were defending the Prophet Mohammed. The Obama Administration is now in full damage control mode by admitting it made an “error.” Was it an error or deliberate?

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