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Another Tale of Government Corruption: Quincy, IL Edition

When John Spring was campaigning for re-election as mayor of Quincy, Illinois in the spring of 2009, his primary selling point to the citizens of Quincy was that he had close, personal relationships with people in Washington D.C. (especially Senate

A Quincy Tale: Crony Capitalism in Local Government

The Quincy (Ill.)City Council–with the support of all GOP Alderman–decided to reward a large contributor to Quincy Mayor John Spring’s campaign with a $6.69 million contract with the city. City officials used an RFP process that pretty much guaranteed the

Pollster Says 'Throw the Bums Out' Sentiment Brewing for 2010

Two-thirds of registered voters who responded to a recent survey say the federal stimulus packages has not resulted in the improvement of the Western Illinois economy The poll, commissioned by, was conducted by We Ask America on November 22

Small Town, Big Government

[ED: Big Government isn’t just in Washington, DC. In this story, local Republicans and Democrats tag-team to put out of business a local charity providing safe rides home from local bars. Often, the fight against Big Government begins at home.