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Call the Liberals' Bluff: Oil Subsidies Should Go

On “Meet the Press” Sunday, David Gregory asked Barack Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe, “Should government be playing venture capitalist to try to prop these interest–industries up [referring to Solyndra]?” Plouffe’s answer: “Well, let’s step back for a minute. We

Remembering the Day America Was Ignored

One year ago today President Barack Obama signed into law government controlled health care. It was a punch in the gut to a majority of Americans who had passionately pleaded that this legislation be thrown in the dumpster. How many

Federal Deficit: Will Someone Please Stop the Insanity?

I’m sitting in my campaign office working on a policy statement (I’m running for U.S. Senate in Virginia as a Republican Tea Party candidate) when the following headline from the Washington Times comes across my computer, “Government posts biggest monthly

The GOP Is on Probation

For nearly two years, the tea parties have warned the Ruling Class there would be serious consequences to ignoring the will of the people, and that day finally arrived this past Tuesday, Nov. 2. The tsunami was felt at all