Kelli Serio

Kelli Serio

‘Supergirl’ Star Says New Show is Feminist

Aside from her superhuman strength, x-ray vision, and impeccable hearing, Supergirl has now embraced her role as a modern-day feminist, says actress Melissa Benoist.

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Bradley Cooper Will Reveal Salary to End Gender Wage Gap

Bradley Cooper is making moves to address Hollywood’s gender pay gap. While gender inequality has been a hot button issue, particularly in the wake of last year’s Sony Hack, Cooper announced last week he is taking a stand. The star told Reuters he will negotiate his pay alongside his female co-stars in all future projects, Glamour reports.

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Hollywood Production Spikes after Tax Breaks

In May, the California State Assembly unanimously passed AB 1839, a bill that expanded California’s existing film and TV tax credit and incentive program. According to a new report, the move is working, as Hollywood has seen a resurgence in the number of TV programs being filmed in the state.

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