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Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Failures: A Recent History

On Monday, fifty Republican national security veterans released a letter saying that none of them will vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. They said in their letter that Trump would be a “dangerous President” on foreign policy and national security.

Hillary Clinton

Eyewitness Describes Islamic State Chemical Attack on Kurdish Peshmerga

According to an eyewitness in Northern Iraq, Islamic State jihadists used chemical weapons against the Kurdish Peshmerga this week. Dave Eubanks with the Free Burma Rangers witnessed the use of chemical weapons by the terror group during a current relief mission in Iraqi Kurdistan, where he is helping internally displaced persons (IDP) and doing medical treatment and training.


Amid New Wave of Attacks, Egypt Strengthens U.S. Ties

In a recent conversation, a senior Egyptian security official stated that Egypt needs the technological tools to monitor the borders, especially the western borders, “that is where large numbers of recruits and terrorists come. We have to monitor people and arms smuggling. Tunisia is the largest recruiter of the Mujahedeen,” he said. Tunisians make up the largest group of foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria, estimated at about 3,000.


Experts: Terrorists in Sinai Adopting ISIS-Style Attack Strategy

The July 1st attack in Egypt’s north Sinai has signaled a change in strategy from the previous attacks launched in the region, adopting a strategy used by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria forcused on taking and holding territory. Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, Egypt’s most active militant group in the Sinai, swore allegiance to ISIS in November 2014 becoming Sinai Province. The attempt to fly the ISIS flag in Sheikh Zuweid failed due to the Egyptian Armed Forces repelling the attack, killing over 250 terrorists with operations still continuing.


Egypt Fights Back as Muslim Brotherhood Escalates Terrorist Activity

Egypt, on the forefront in fighting terrorism, remains committed to eradicating Islamist extremism. “There is a global campaign of terrorism, and the only way to confront it is through a comprehensive global response that deals with the entirety of the threat,” the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement this week following a wave of attacks on government targets.

AP Photo

Following Wave of Attacks, Egypt Determined to Defeat Terrorism

CAIRO, Egypt– Egypt experienced a wave of terrorist attacks last week with the assassination of prosecutor general Hisham Barakat in Cairo and the simultaneous attacks that killed 17 Egyptian soldiers in north Sinai. Egypt is on the forefront fighting the war against terrorism and the underlining message from the people here is that they are determined to defeat those who take innocent life and want to see justice done against the perpetrators of violence.


Egypt Arrests 13 Muslim Brotherhood Members for Alleged Suez Canal Bomb Plot

CAIRO, Egypt– Egyptian authorities have arrested 13 members of the Muslim Brotherhood on suspicion of planting bombs around the Suez Canal to disrupt shipping, security sources said on Monday. The security sources said the men formed a 13- member cell that included an employee of the Suez Canal Authority, according to the Jerusalem Post.

AP Photo/Amr Nabil

Egyptian President Sisi Boosts Troop Morale in Visit to North Sinai

CAIRO, Egypt– Dressed in army fatigues with a tag name “President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,” the Egyptian President visited North Sinai on Saturday, boosting Egyptian troops morale. It was a surprise and discreet visit by President Sisi, two days after Islamic State affiliate Sinai Province killed 17 Egyptian military members in simultaneous attacks at 5 military checkpoints in Northern Sinai.


Thousands Rally in Paris for a Free and Democratic Iran

PARIS, France– Over 100,000 people attended the “Iran Freedom” rally in Villepinte, Paris on Saturday showing a strong opposition standing to the Islamic fundamentalist Iranian Regime. The event was sponsored by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).


Tobruk Libyan Delegates Visit D.C.

During a recent visit to Washington, D.C. and New York, members of the House of Representatives (HoR) located in Tobruk– the democratically elected government in Libya and one of two competing to run the nation– met with U.S. policy makers.

U.S. concerned by Libyan violence

ISIS Bomb Strikes the Heart of Erbil, Iraq, Killing Two

A suicide car bomb struck near the U.S. Consulate in Erbil, northern Iraq on Friday afternoon killing three people and wounding eight others. One of the wounded included an American woman, reported Rudaw News. The incident occurred at 5:40pm in the district of Ankawa, which is a predominately Christian area and a popular place for Westerners.

Iraqi army prepares to assault Islamic State forces in Mosul

Is it Time for a ‘Persian Spring’?

As the debate heats up between Congress and the Administration over new Iran sanctions and Houthi rebels take over Yemen’s government while the U.S. continues to battle the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – there needs to be a different focus for a solution in the war against terrorism; and that could be a “Persian Spring.”

Iran's supreme leader takes to Twitter and talks Ferguson

Seven Egyptian Soldiers Killed in Sinai

On Sunday, seven Egyptian soldiers were killed and four wounded by a roadside bomb in the restive Sinai Peninsula. The Egyptian military has been battling a jihadist insurgency since the removal of former Islamist President Morsi, killing hundreds of police

Seven Egyptian Soldiers Killed in Sinai

Egyptian Army Arrests Terror Leader in North Sinai

The Egyptian Army arrested the leader of the U.S. designated terrorist organization Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis on Friday in North Sinai, reported Ahram Arabic news. Walid Attalah is suspected of orchestrating the RPG attack in North Sinai last Thursday that killed three Egyptian policemen

Egyptian Army Arrests Terror Leader in North Sinai

Benghazi Mired in Chaos as Islamists Battle Renegade General

Heavy fighting between Islamists and opponents led by renegade Libyan General Khalifa Haftar erupted in Benghazi, Libya on Wednesday after the general and his forces went on the offensive against Islamist militias to recapture the city.  Tuesday night, during a pre-recorded televised

Benghazi Mired in Chaos as Islamists Battle Renegade General

Egyptian Prime Minister: 'Egypt Can Lead' Fight Against Terrorism

During a recent interview with the Russian news organization Rossiya Segodnya, Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab stated that Egypt could take the lead in the fight against terrorism. “Today’s terrorism is an artificially created product which has no borders and

Egyptian Prime Minister: 'Egypt Can Lead' Fight Against Terrorism

Iraq: ISIS Using Yazidis as Human Shields Against U.S. Airstrikes

DOHUK, Iraq– Reports from eyewitnesses here in Northern Iraq spoke to Breitbart News about how the terrorist group the Islamic State is using Yazidi hostages as human shields to protect themselves against U.S. airstrikes – using the same strategy as Hamas

Iraq: ISIS Using Yazidis as Human Shields Against U.S. Airstrikes