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Illinois 'Hate Crimes' Investigator Caught Sending Tea Party Hate Mail

Question: When is hate not hateful? Answer: When it is committed by a leftwing investigator for the Illinois Department of Human Rights. Last week, the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission tried to sneak in a pre-holiday disclosure: Alvin Forbes, Sr., an

Jobs Talk is More Hot Air from 'Hurricane Obama'

President Obama’s sit down with weighty media figure, radio talk show host Tom Joyner, resulted in an interesting prediction Tuesday: “There is no doubt that we can take steps that would mean the economy was growing a percent or a

Fox News Nails Jon Stewart On MSM'S Palin-Weiner Hypocrisy

It was a tale of two media biases: One make-believe scandal pursued vigorously by the media. One authentic scandal vigorously dismissed by the media. Earlier this month, the mainstream media released 24,000 pages of former Gov. Sarah Palin’s emails in

Palin Spies MSM's Pro-Obama 2012 Plot In Gingrich Media Mess

From the lips of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, rivaling any lipstick-wearing pitbull, consider yourself warned: “Don’t let the media define who these candidates [GOP presidential field] are. Let us, as constituents, as voters, as potential candidates, we need to

Obama Lashes Out, Birth Certificate Release Spurs Questions

In the end, it took Donald Trump, billionaire CEO of Trump International and star of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” to get President Obama to release his original Certificate of Live Birth. But, of course, the story does not end there. At

Are Obama Advisors Worried About Trump's MSM-Birther Circus?

This weekend, President Obama’s senior advisor David Plouffe stepped into the Donald Trump MSM-birther fray, dissing – what he termed – Trump’s “sideshow” public appearances. “There may be a small part of the country that believes these things, but mainstream

NYT Conservative Book Ban Backfiring, Huckabee Best-Seller Reinstated

In Ray Bradbury’s classic novel, “Fahrenheit 451,” about a book burning dystopia, Captain Beatty sums up his philosophy of “people control” to “fireman” Guy Montag in this way: Cram them full of non-combustible data, chock them so damned full of

MSM's Anti-Beck Propaganda a Pathetic Ploy to Force FOX's Hand

The Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, once famously wrote, “Know thyself and thine enemy.” Even though Tzu lived in the late 6th Century B.C., his words offer good counsel to conservatives today in understanding the biased left-wing MSM. Earlier this

The Top 10 Repulsively Liberal Hollywood Moments of 2010

With so many repulsively liberal Hollywood moments in 2010, where does one start? So many uninformed celebs ranting angrily about Fox News, Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Glenn Beck, and the Tea Party Movement, so little time. This was a tough

Obama Groupies Oprah, Matthews Spread the MSM's Anti-Palin Gospel

Oprah Winfrey sounded the bell for the 2012 presidential race with her thinly veiled whack at Sarah Palin in the new issue of Parade Magazine; And the mainstream media are already lapping it like swine. When asked whether Palin’s running

Chicago Sun-Times Gifts King Rahm with Front-Page Real Estate

On Sunday, the Chicago Sun-Times gave Rahm Emanuel the gift of a front-page feature story called “Rahm on the Record” by reporter Fran Spielman. I wonder how many of the other Chicago mayoral candidates will get this kind of feature

William Kelly on Chicago Reporter Attack: 'I Was in Their Way'

I’m a lifelong Chicagoan and grew up on the Southside, where Democrat machine politics is the norm and a way of life. In fact, I grew up two blocks from Louis Farrakhan’s house and, ironically, ran for the same congressional

Obama's Palace Guards: Colbert & Stewart Exit the Clown Car to Shill For Dems

Shilling for Democrat candidates and left-wing causes is standard operating procedure in Hollywood. As defined in Webster’s Dictionary, “to shill” means to act as a spokesperson or promoter. Another source, Wikipedia.com, further states that the “shill gives the impression of