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Re-Assess Common Core and Consider Reversing Direction

Common Core was produced in 2010 and before the end of that year most of the states adopted it, some sight unseen. Some states, like Kentucky, started implementing Common Core right away, while in other states the implementation was slower and took off a year or two later. By 2012-13 almost all Common Core states were deeply engaged in its implementation.

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If NAEP Test Scores Suggest Poor Common Core Results, Then Change NAEP?

The NAEP results were devastating: national drops of 2-3 points in 8th grade reading and math, and in 4th grade math (and with many individual states dropping by 4, 5 and even 9 points). This was unprecedented since the Main NAEP inception more than 20 years back, and the decline – particularly in math – was essentially everywhere. While statistically significant decline occurred in about half the states, all but seven states dropped in 8th grade math, and all but 13 states in the 4th grade assessment.

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Wurman: Common Core’s Claim of ‘College Readiness’ Invalid

Recently, after a four-year hiatus, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) resumed its customary – since 2003 – comparison of the rigor state proficiency standards. The latest report deals with the rigor of state tests in 2013. It is important to note at the outset that the comparison is not about how clear, demanding, or rigorous are the state academic content standards themselves – whether Texas TEKS or Common Core – but rather at what level is a “proficiency” declared on the state test.

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He’s Dead, Jim: Why Common Core Is a Goner and Just Doesn’t Know It Yet

Unfortunately, the Common Core zombie is still around, and it will take another few years and another several million lost children before its death is acknowledged by all. Yet no matter how much more money is poured into it, and how much denial it faces, Common Core is effectively dead.

Schools With High Numbers Of Migrants

Common Core Claims of High Quality Not Valid

When Common Core was launched in 2009, it was promised: “These standards will be research and evidence-based, internationally benchmarked, aligned with college and work expectations and include rigorous content and skills.”

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