Bernie Sanders Steals Union Endorsement from Hillary

Bernie Sanders
AP Photos
Washington, D.C.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders stole a major union endorsement away from Hillary Clinton’s campaign Monday, cutting into Clinton-world’s hold on organized labor.

National Nurses Union endorsed Sanders at a rally Monday in Oakland. The union reportedly represents 185,000 nurses nationally.

“Bernie’s issues align with nurses from top to bottom,” said National Nurses Union executive director RoseAnn DeMoro.

While Sanders and Clinton both support Obamacare, Sanders has been advocating passage of a more extreme “Medicare-for-all” single-payer health care system.

Clinton has had a shaky relationship of late with Big Labor.

AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka announced that his union would withhold its eventual endorsement of Clinton if the Democrat offered her support for President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, which unions believe would outsource American jobs and undercut domestic wages. Clinton, who supported the deal as Secretary of State, recently distanced herself from the agreement.