Elderly Man Buys Gun Monday Morning for Self-Defense, Shoots Alleged Burglar Monday Night

Harvey Lembo CBS WGME

On Monday 67-year-old Harvey Lembo grew tired of the frequent robberies of his one bedroom apartment and bought a gun for self-defense. Hours later he was awakened by a noise and ended up shooting an alleged burglar before he had even owned the gun a full day.

Lembo lives in Rockland, Maine.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Lembo is confined to a wheel chair and said he had grown tired of being defenseless when his one bedroom apartment was robbed. He said his place has been robbed “five or six times” over the past few years, including a robbery last month in which the robber got “prescription pills that included morphine and oxycodone, $1,000 and the key to his safe deposit box.”

So Lembo bought a handgun on Monday to use to defend himself and his property should the robberies continue. And that very night–the first night he had slept with a gun under his pillow–he was awakened  by the sounds of someone coming into his apartment.

Lembo grabbed his gun, climbed into his wheelchair and confronted the suspect, ordering him at gunpoint to sit and stay still until police arrived. In the course of waiting for the police, the robbery suspect jumped up and tried to make it to the door and Lembo shot him. Lembo said, “I got a little scream out of him.”

When police arrived, they followed a blood trail to find the suspect hiding in woods by the apartment complex. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and has since been released and taken to jail.

After the incident Lembo said, “Everybody should bear arms. If everybody beared arms, we wouldn’t have this (crime) problem.”

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