Marco Rubio: I Am Not The Savior, Jesus Christ Is

Rubio Time Mag Cover

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio stated in Thursday night’s debate that he is not the savior, but rather Jesus Christ is the savior.

Rubio went out of his way to clear up any misconceptions about his divine status, stating, “I am not the savior,” and adding that Jesus Christ, who came back to Earth to forgive our sins, is actually the savior.

So, if you’re still confused about whether Marco Rubio, a junior senator and co-sponsor of the “Gang of 8” immigration bill, currently running third in the polls, is actually our Lord and Savior, or if Jesus Christ is the savior instead, Rubio humbly answered the question for you.

His answer was so humble, in fact, that maybe it leaves the door open to further speculation that 44-year-old establishment politician Marco Rubio might actually be the savior, but is just hiding that fact as part of his great plan? You never know.

Nevertheless, establishment Republicans praised the donor-friendly Republican’s answer, including Republican Governors Association communications director Jon Thompson.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, skipped the Fox News Republican debate and held a raucous rally in Iowa that was much more exciting than the debate. Trump, therefore, was not on hand to weigh in on the issue of whether Rubio or Jesus Christ is actually the savior.