Donald Trump Mocks Deep State ‘Spygate’ — ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around!’

US President Donald Trump smiles during his meeting with his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev in the Oval office at the White House in Washington, DC, on January 16, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / NICHOLAS KAMM (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

President Donald J. Trump ridiculed the purveyors of the ongoing Russian investigation Wednesday, mocking them on Twitter for getting “caught” in a scandal.

“Look how things have turned around on the Criminal Deep State,” he wrote on Twitter. “They go after Phony Collusion with Russia, a made up Scam, and end up getting caught in a major SPY scandal the likes of which this country may never have seen before! What goes around, comes around!”

Trump quoted Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News who said that it was “clear” that the FBI had “eyes and ears all over the Trump campaign.”

The president put pressure on intelligence agencies who suddenly had to explain their actions with his campaign during the presidential election.

“SPYGATE could be one of the biggest political scandals in history!” he wrote.

Trump argued that FBI informant Stefan Halper, who met with members of his campaign, was a spy because of the payments he received from the government.

“If the person placed very early into my campaign wasn’t a SPY put there by the previous Administration for political purposes, how come such a seemingly massive amount of money was paid for services rendered – many times higher than normal,” he asked on Tuesday night. “Follow the money! The spy was there early in the campaign and yet never reported Collusion with Russia, because there was no Collusion.”

Halper received a total of $1,058,161 from the Department of Defense through the Office of Net Assessment between 2012 and 2018, including payments during the presidential election in 2016.
Trump suggested that Deep State intelligence agents used Halper to spy on his campaign, accusing them of doing the same thing to Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

“He was only there to spy for political reasons and to help Crooked Hillary win – just like they did to Bernie Sanders, who got duped!” he concluded.