Rapper T.I. to Donald Trump: ‘F–K You and F–K What You Stand for’


Obama-supporting, Atlanta-based rapper T.I. posted a brief video to Instagram Sunday with a profanity-laced message for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump, this message is for you,” began Clifford Harris, better known by his stage name, T.I. “I say this as nonviolently but unapologetically as possible: F–k you and f–k what you stand for! Nobody who supports me will support you. End of message.”

F-bomb-laced tirades are becoming common among famous Donald Trump detractors. Harris was apparently responding to the violence that broke out at a canceled Trump campaign event in Chicago.

Before the Trump rally was cancelled, singer Chris Brown went on a profanity-filled rant and warned his 24 million Instagram followers to protest Donald Trump campaign events in groups of people “40, 50 deep.”

Inside the post, T.I. further describes his distrust of Trump. “I know u got plans for my people that are contrary to OUR BEST INTERESTS,” he wrote. “Make no mistake. WE AIN’T ON THE SAME SIDE.”

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