Scarborough, Heilemann Trash McCain and Graham as ‘Women’

***UPDATE: Politico’s Dylan Byers remembered something I forgot — rumors that Lindsey Graham’s denied about his being gay. What we might have here, then, is an anti-gay joke told by Heilemann and laughed at hysterically by Joe Scarborough. They’ll get away with it, though, because the target is a Republican and the guilty party is not Fox News.

This is a good catch over at TV Newser. In the 6 a.m. hour of the insufferably smug “Morning Joe,” the insufferably smug Joe Scarborough and regular guest John Heilemann broke into uncontrolled laughter after Heilemann made a joke implying that Sens. john McCain and Lindsey Graham are women:

Heilemann: They need a third amigo at all times. So now they have — now two of the three are women — now at least one of the three are women.

The one woman of course is Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Obviously, MSNBC knew they had crossed a line, which is why the insult was edited out during the 8 a.m. replay:



In the wake of Mitt Romney’s loss, Scarborough has become even harder to take — even more insufferably smug after Obama’s win emboldened his narcissism even more (who knew that was even possible?). Now Scarborough’s somehow cockier in the deluded and bubbled belief he’s absolutely right about absolutely everything.

Here we have an administration caught red-handed in a cover up and all Scarborough can do is glad-hand and backslap with the media and then mock the manhood of those who with the sand to push this issue even in the face of Scarborough’s insufferably smug criticism.