I wish my daughters' teacher would stomp US Flag

There are a couple of things in this world that I don’t play about and one of them is my daughter.  When I heard about Scott Compton stomping on the American Flag to teach his students America is more then 50 stars and 13 stripes, I instantly thought about my daughter. If her teacher ever…..

So today my daughter comes home and tells me her class is starting to learn about Ancient Rome.  We’ve had discussions about many ancient civilizations and the cause of their downfall and compared them to what’s happening in America today.  Ancient Rome was discussed thouroughly.

“I told my teacher about the corruption and overspending that caused Rome to go bankrupt and lose its power.  And if America keeps spending money we don’t have, we’ll be just like them.”

Her teacher, “Class, (Daughter’s Name) is absolutely right.”

Not this year, Not this year. lol