The 411 on Sexy Conservatism

If given the choice to hang out with your parents or your cooler older cousin most people will pick the cooler older cousin.  The cooler older cousin gets to dress like a vagina, complain over not getting free birth control, and not bear the burden of their mistakes with Abortion on demand.  And this is sexy????

 The parents have to teach taking responsibility for your actions, justify saying no to destructive behavior, and champion values and morals.  Yeah, not exactly sexy and if 2012 taught us anything, it’s that sexy sells.

 So this is call for all the Sexy Conservatives out there.  Not just the gorgeous Conservative women the Conservative men love to use in all their ‘admiration’ videos, but those that are ready to show the American people what real sexy is.

 Liberalism isn’t sexy.  It’s childish, immature fairytales of a Utopia that has been proven through time not to exist. 

 When the left launched its War on Woman, in all honesty, I flipped right into parent mode.  The real War on Women was happening at the gas station, the grocery store, electric bills, and the unemployment lines. 

 Then Michelle Malkin, whom I absolutely love and adore, backed up the parental notion, Vote with your Lady Smarts not Your Lady Parts.  It sounded great, but we didn’t win the argument.

 At home, amongst family and friends, I tend to be a bit more “sexy” so to speak.  My argument was “(explicative) that, if he can’t pay for birth control than he ain’t getting near my (explicative).”  In other words, even voting with my lady parts wouldn’t lead me to Liberalism.  My lady parts don’t like broke men unwilling to invest in the simplest needs of a relationship.  If he can’t buy a condom, do you think he’s paying rent?

 My sexy took me back to age 13, Mary J. Blige and Grand Puba “What’s the 411?”

 I don’t have no time for no Wam Bam thank you, ma’am

Gas me up, get me drunk and hit the skins and scram

 The same ol “ish” you pulled last week on Pam

 I’m not havin that, No I’m not havin that

 You gotta do a lot more and the just how it be

 I’m Mary Blige and you just ain’t runnin up in me


 Some come correct with some respect and then we see…

 That’s conservatism and that’s sexy.  So, what’s the 411?