Cornernomics: Capitalism of the Block

I strongly stand behind the notion that young black boys and girls drop out of high school because they know what they are learning won’t help them survive in the American system.  In school, they are being taught to depend and rely on the American government to meet their needs but living in a household where there is no father and the mother is on welfare doesn’t provide the kind of security they desire.  So, they run towards Capitalism, they run towards the street.

In Cornernomics, they find a purpose and a way to survive.  They become the CEO’s of the block. 

“As a shorty, I looked up to the dopeman. The only adult man I knew that wasn’t broke man.” Kanye West

Not only did they become the CEO’s but they were street role models because they didn’t have to beg, plead, and turnover their pride for outside help.

Now imagine if you took these boy and girls and actually taught them science, math, technology, and history with the motive that one of these would lead them to financial stability.  An actual education that leads them towards loving and embracing a Free Market system they are willing to die for in the streets.

What would America be then?