O'Reilly God Complex isn't Neccesarily Wrong

In response to O’Reilly Wrong to Blame Schools for ‘Culture of Disrespect’ :

I can agree on the basis of your argument.  The breakdown of the family is a major cause for disrespect in our country today. 

But it’s only one part.  O’Reilly focuses on the schools because as he often reminds us, he used to be a school teacher. 

Still, his societal argument is on point.  Cursing wasn’t allowed in my house.  Whichever parent I was with at the time wouldn’t stand bad language.  It was a punishable offense if you know what I mean.

In sixth grade I had a teacher who cussed and allowed students to cuss around her.  (Funny, she always smelled like Vodka.)  It’s the year I began to curse.  I smoked my first cigarette in school.  Got my first kiss in school.

Some parents may have turned their children over to the school system and teachers, but let’s not forget school systems and teachers begged for the responsibility.  They wanted to shape the minds and attitudes of today’s youth and they have succeeded. (Or failed if you don’t live in a Fairytale Utopia.)

Just remember, the same parents of today’s youth were brought up in the same schools we are currently complaining about.