O'Reilly Wrong to Blame Schools for 'Culture of Disrespect'

Here’s O’Reilly blaming the public education system for America’s disrespectful culture:

That’s a copout. 

O’Reilly is right to point out the problem of outsourcing the inculcation of values to the young, leaving the task to state and locally run schools systems. But Bill is wrong to lay the blame for a disrespectful culture at the feet of the public education system. What else does O’Reilly expect? America decided decades ago during the cultural revolution to loosen the bonds between the family and faith community, where children first learn the value of respect. Today’s public education system is trapped inside the vacuum that the culture revolution created. School teachers are now mommy, daddy, caretaker, counselor and best friend. 

O’Reilly bucks at placing the blame for America’s disrespectful culture on the problem of poor parenting and the culture itself. O’Reilly refuses to take into account how broken families becoming the rule, plays an important role in the erosion of respect in America. It’s the normalizing effect of pathological behavior that is the root cause of the Epidemic of Disrespect. And as long as people like Bill O’Reilly refuse to have a conversation about the culture and the fragmenting of the nuclear family, the bad behavior will persist.