Republican Girl Fight

The GOP industrial complex must be bored of late. Hagel, Brennan, Benghazi, gun control legislation, EPA scandals, and the sequester are just not holding their attention. 

What a perfect time to start an intra-movement war by jockeying for the official “better than you” title. 

The hair pulling was started when Karl Rove announced the creation of his new operation “Conservative Victory Fund” which will focus on keeping winguts, upity folks, whackadoos bad candidates from winning nominations and then humiliating the movement (“legitimate rape”) and losing elections. Fair enough. We all want people running for office on the GOP ticket who can win and are capable emissaries of the conservative message. 

The slapping continued when Jonathan Collegio, spokesman for American Crossroads called Brent Bozell (another long time, arguably establishment figure) a “hater” (h8r?!?) in a radio interview.  Which in turn prompted a letter signed by, let’s be honest here, many people who have been in the movement for a LONG time, calling for Collegio’s head. 

Beyond all the hissing and meowing, what we have here is a delicious spectacle for the left to celebrate and show the country that the right is in organizational disarray. Hooray. 

In the process of competing for KINGMAKER (and !donations!), the entire movement looks ridiculous. If you or your organization thinks we need better candidates, don’t go out there and spin, don’t go on radio, don’t put out press releases, JUST DO IT. No need to need to shout from the roof tops, if you really want to improve the candidates we have running for office. 

Good grief.