Once More Into the Speech, Dear Friends, Once More

In response to Priorities, priorities:

Yes it would be terrible if the country missed Obama’s 16th pivot to the economy. And I’m sure we’re all excited to hear about his “balanced approach” for the 27th time. Personally I’m looking for a “Look…” or perhaps a “let me be clear” or two. Actually, no, I’m not that excited about it.

Every Obama speech is the same in the sense that it is always a morality play starring himself as the patient hero beleaguered by unreasonable folks who don’t agree with him. That’s the real takeaway. The details of this won’t matter to most people. As with his reaction to Sandy pre-election, this is about setting a tone and using it to advance yourself apart from any specifics. In fact, someone should just tweet his entire speech not by policy or argument but by tone: Friendly and open. Stern and determined. Bemused by opponents. Empathetic whispers. God Bless America.

If the choice is watching Obama push the same old agenda against the same old straw men or watching a chopper circle a cabin at 10,000 feet while reporters vamp things we’ve already heard for an hour…I’m not sure I see much difference.