Someone Should've Watched 'Grizzly Man'

***CORRECTION: Every assumption in this post is dead wrong. Dianna Hanson did nothing wrong. I’ve posted a full correction and apology here.

In response to This is not “Life of Pi”:

In 2005, German director Werner Herzog released “Grizzly Man,” a brilliant documentary documenting the life of an idiot. Every year, Timothy Treadwell would head to Alaskan bear country to live with, record, and “protect” the grizzly population. In the end, Treadwell’s bear “friends” ate him and his girlfriend in a horrific attack.

I’m sorry this girl died and I’m sorry the lion had to be shot for committing the sin of being a lion. The real question, though, is what were the rules at Cat Haven? How in the world can someone be conditioned to think entering a lion’s cage on her own is okay?

Our culture doesn’t help, either. Animal rights types scream bloody murder whenever movies like “Jaws” or “The Ghost and the Darkness” portray animals as animals. These are usually the same clowns, by the way,  who want warning labels on everything else, from cigarettes to plastic bags.