Sequester panic and REAL budget cuts

In response to Stupid Plane Stunts:

While you’re watching them melt the Blue Angels down into raw material for robot squirrels, paper clips to hold ObamaCare regulations, and luggage tags for the Royal Family’s next multi-million-dollar vacation, enjoy a laugh at the spectacle of a Democrat budget that demands a trillion dollars in new taxes immediately, in return for the promise of a trillion dollars in spending cuts in the “out years,” i.e. some bright future day in the federally-subsidized land of Oz, i.e. never.

The people reduced to quivering masses of gelatin by a measly $44 billion in spending growth reduction… who told us that we have to get along without the Blue Angels, White House tours, air-traffic controllers, firefighters, teachers, meat inspectors, and more because we dared to raise spending by only 1.4% next year, instead of 1.6%… are going to spend the next five congressional sessions chopping twenty times as much from the bloated federal budget, if we’ll only hand over another seven percent of the economy for them to redistribute?  

If no other lesson is taken from the Sequestration Terror, let it be an eternal demonstration of the utter madness of ten-year “spending cut” plans.  Imagine every bit of the manufactured hysteria and petty vindictiveness you’re seeing now, multiplied tenfold, as every year’s share of that “spending cut plan” was implemented.  Imagine all the hostages Democrats would take.  Envision ten years of hysterical sobbing over the unbearable hardships inflicted by each dollar trimmed from “the people’s money.”  Especially since the tax hikes Democrats want would create the recession, or depression, they would cite as evidence that welfare spending and hyper-regulation cannot be cut by a penny.  The dead would litter our streets!

Spending cuts now, tax increases never.  And by “now” I mean right now.  I want Harry Reid tearing up the subsidy checks before a band of snarling cowboy poets.  I want Barack Obama announcing that his future family vacations will involve four years of “frequent skeet shooting” at Camp David, while the $100k dog-walkers and backup movie theater projectionists clean out their desks.  I want that seven-foot stack of ObamaCare regulations burned tomorrow, and a new wasteful government program burned every day after that, to give us an Eternal Flame of Liberty on the Washington mall.  I sneer at goofball tyrant mayors trying to ban Big Gulps, but I don’t want an $80 billion food stamp program giving people money to buy soda, beer, and well drinks down at the local strip club.  And I want the Blue Angels back.  Who’s with me?