Always "Shocked" the Loudest Voices Yelling "The Struggle Continues", Aren't Really Struggling

In response to More Mindlessness From Melissa Harris-Perry:

“My father grew up in the Jim Crow south. And he would give me birthday cards, and instead of signing them ‘Love, Daddy,’ always signed them, ‘the struggle continues, Daddy’… I was a little kid and I was like ‘what is he talking about?’ But what it means and what I’ve taken as my own, you don’t have to have all the answers and all the solutions to all the problems today… These problems have persisted and lots of folks have been working on them and you take up the banner and you work on them during your lifetime and then you pass it on to the next.”

See, Melissa Harris-Perry wants us all to focus on “the struggle continues” but where is her emphasis on DADDY?  How does she expect her message to apply to an entire generation that never recieved a birthday card or, for that matter, a birthday wish from their father?

Oh, did I fail to mention the father that told her the stuggle continues was Dean of Afro-Studies at University of Virginia?  Or that he married a white woman?  Which is only relevant because Harris-Perry never considered herself Bi-Racial. Why deny half of who you are?

And I’m guessing her struggle is to get an interview at Fox News just in case the students at Tulane, where Harris-Perry is a Professor of POLITICAL STUDIES, decide paying for an education on how the struggle continues shouldn’t cost $100,000 and MSNBC admits propaganda isn’t profitable.

Daddy taught Melissa Harris-Perry one lesson she shouldn’t neglect; having a father in the home is more powerful than turning your children over to the collective.  Shout out to James Perry, HER HUSBAND!


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